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As an aspiring business leader, I considered Regenesys Business School for my business studies due to its holistic approach to education, focusing on intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical intelligence (IQ, SQ, EQ and PQ). What I liked during my studies was how the course contents were structured and delivered. The lecturers made it easier to understand concepts and apply them in the real world to solve real life problems in the business environment. Their willingness to impart knowledge and ensure thorough understanding made it easier for me to produce excellent results. The flexible session schedule at the institution made it convenient for me to study while having a busy and tight schedule on weekdays. I am now able to apply the knowledge and skills learned when making decisions in my workplace and personal space. Furthermore, this knowledge and skills help me in identifying opportunities for personal and business growth, associated risks, and development of effective strategic solutions. I can now confidently say that Regenesys Business School has definitely ‘awakened’ my potential.


Mothelo Papale is a mining engineer.  He is passionate about helping people, and believes that the greatest satisfaction comes in knowing that you have helped someone, going one step further in  bettering their life. His love for people and public speaking gave birth to an NGO called SA Youth Impact which is aimed at assisting high school leaners realise their dreams through various programmes. As someone who enjoys analysing global markets and investing, he has great interest in stocks, crypto and property markets.


This PDBM develops generic management competencies required for successful management of organisations, or for embarking on an entrepreneurial venture. The programme is a stepping stone towards an MBA – the crown jewel of business management education.