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A degree in public administration can open many doors for career opportunities. Public administration is a field that deals with the management of government services and nonprofit organisations. It involves overseeing budgets, policymaking, programme management, and other administrative functions. Graduates with a public administration degree have the necessary skills to work in a variety of public service positions.


  • Benefits of working in the public sector
  • Entry requirements that can get you a job in the public sector.
  • What jobs can I get with a postgraduate diploma in public management?
  • Getting ahead with training and certification options

Benefits of working in the public sector

Working in the public sector in South Africa offers a number of benefits, including job security, good remuneration, and opportunities for career growth. Here’s a little more detail on these factors:

  • Job security: In South Africa public sector jobs tend to be more secure than private sector jobs, with strong union protection and official reluctance to resort to retrenchment in tough times. 
  • Good remuneration: Public sector employees are generally paid at levels commensurate with qualifications and experience. They also receive benefits such as medical aid, pension, and housing allowances.
  • Career growth: The public sector provides excellent opportunities for career growth. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge through training and development programmes. 
  • Thirteenth cheque: You can expect a 13th cheque every year as a gesture of appreciation for your dedication and efforts throughout the year. It’s usually paid during your birthday month.

Qualifying for promotion in the public sector

If you’re looking to advance your career in the public sector, a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) may be the perfect fit for you. This comprehensive programme is specifically designed to provide graduates with the strategic management skills required to excel in managing nonprofit organisations or public services.

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management duration

The PDPM is a highly respected NQF Level 8 qualification, consisting of 120 credits and delivered over a period of 12 months. This fast-paced, intensive programme is designed to ensure that you’re well-equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s complex and dynamic public management environment.

To be eligible for the PDPM programme, you’ll need to have completed a 3-year degree at NQF Level 7 and have relevant work experience. The programme’s rigorous curriculum is designed to challenge you, but it will also provide you with the confidence to take on new leadership roles and drive positive change in your organisation.

What jobs can I get with a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management?

A Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management can upskill you for a range of careers in the public sector and other industries that intersect with government or public policy. Here are some potential job options:

  • Project co-ordinator: Project co-ordinators are responsible for managing and co-ordinating projects within organisations. They ensure that projects are completed within budget and on time and coordinate with other departments and stakeholders to ensure project success.

      Average annual salary:  R221,924.

  • Supply chain manager: Supply chain managers are responsible for managing the movement of goods and services within organisations. They oversee procurement, production, and distribution processes, and ensure that products and services are delivered to customers on time and within budget.

      Average annual salary:  R485,598.

  • Human resource manager: Manages the recruitment, selection, training, and development of employees, as well as compliance with labour laws and regulations.

            Average annual salary: R392,160.

  • Public policy analyst: This focuses on analysing and evaluating public policies and programmes to identify opportunities for improvement. This role will also provide recommendations for policy changes based on one’s research.

            Average annual salary: R375,000.

  • Project manager: As a project manager, you will be responsible for planning, executing, and monitoring projects to ensure they are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

            Average annual salary: R399,060.

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management duration

These are just a few examples of the many job opportunities that are available to graduates with a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management. The specific roles and responsibilities will vary depending on the organisation and unit in which one works. For more information on enrolling in this qualification at Regenesys School of Public Management, click here.

Getting ahead with training and certification options

If you are looking to advance your career in public management, there are various training and certification options available to you. After completing the PDPM programme, you can further your studies with a Master of Public Management. This programme is designed to prepare you to become an expert in your field. Regenesys’ Master of Public Management programme provides insights into the dynamics of operating within the public sphere, whether you aim to make a meaningful contribution to a nonprofit organisation or transition to the public sector with a sense of purpose.

If you are concerned that you may not meet the entry requirements for this programme, there are other options available to you. For example, you can start with a Higher Certificate in Public Management which requires a matric exemption or equivalent and basic computer skills. Once you have completed this course, you can progress to the Bachelor of Public Management, which will provide you with a deeper understanding of public management principles and practices.


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