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The Master of Public Management (MPM) is a qualification offered by Regenesys School of Public Management, and is fully accredited with South Africa’s Council on Higher Education. 

While oriented towards students in South Africa’s public service, the programme is available to across the globe, as students may attend classes online, or can sign up for contact classes.

This article covers:

  • What the public sector needs
  • What you learn in this master’s degree in public management
  • What your Master of Public Management equips you to do
  • Master of Public Management study modes

What the public sector needs

The master’s degree in public management provides students the opportunity to complete a range of relevant public management modules. These are geared to getting students to think differently, to apply principles of good governance, and to resolve issues facing the public sector globally. 

The public sector needs conscious leaders who are ethical, and who can apply emotional and spiritual intelligence when making strategic decisions. This qualification is designed to build these attributes in students, as well as to expand their knowledge in management areas that relate directly to the quality of public service delivery.

What you learn in this master’s degree in public management 

Students who complete Regenesys’ master’s degree in public management emerge from it able to:

  • Find solutions to situations and in contexts that are characterised by chaos; 
  • Identify and solve problems through independent meta analytical, critical and creative thinking; 
  • Work effectively with others in teams, organisations, and communities; 
  • Organise and manage themselves and their activities independently to meet defined outcomes; and
  • Independently assess and apply different approaches to lead, manage, motivate, and improve the performance of individuals and teams. 

What your Master of Public Management equips you to do

Graduates are able to demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of interrelated systems – recognising that problem-solving and affirmative enquiry do not exist in isolation – and are able to respond in an ethically acceptable manner. 

Our students learn to display a meta- and critical understanding of the challenges public and development sector organisations face as they transform into more responsive, flexible, cost-effective, transparent, and accountable institutions. They think strategically and critically about work-related problems and find solutions in a participative manner. 

They are also able to conduct comparative studies of local and international management, governance, and sustainable development experiences to find solutions to problems in these organisations. 

As a graduate, you will find that once you have completed your studies you will be:

  • Familiar with key macroeconomic and development issues and debates;
  • Able to conduct applied research, and
  • Able to develop organisational development intervention strategies that contribute to original knowledge to the field of study – a key requirement for a master’s programme.

Master of Public Management, master’s degree in public management

Who can enrol

Regenesys’ Master of Public Management programme has been developed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the public and development sector, and those who have been working for a while in the public service and wish to obtain a formal qualification in the field. You need to have completed an NQF 8-level or equivalent qualification to enrol in this programme, but may under special circumstances be granted permission to enrol with an NQF 7-level or equivalent qualification. 

To promote diversity, Regenesys School of Public Management invites candidates with management or strategic leadership experience in government at all levels to enrol. 

This programme has empowered thousands of people who come from many different walks in life. 

Master of Public Management study modes

The Master of Public Management degree is usually completed in two years. A maximum of five years is permitted for completion.

While classes are attended online or face to face, depending on your enrolment mode, all assessments are completed online via Regenesys School of Public Management’s digital platform, so candidates are required to have internet access with good bandwidth.

Experienced full-time facilitators are available to assist students throughout their academic journey.

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