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Enel Green Power, partnered with Dalitso Holdings, is encouraging students to apply for its bursary programme. As one of the leading renewable energy companies, Enel Green Power offers funds for students from all fields of study and helps underprivileged students find new opportunities to pursue their educational dreams.

As a result, if you are looking to pursue higher studies in South Africa but find financial burdens a hindrance to your education journey, Enel bursary 2024 is the right opportunity for you. Applying for this bursary not only helps you continue your studies but also makes you more employable.

Do you want to know more about this bursary? Our article will help you understand the application process, eligibility, coverage, and deadlines of the bursary provided by Enel. So, continue to read and discover more insights!

Table of Contents

  • What is Enel Bursary?
  • What does the Enel Bursary cover?
  • Enel Bursary Requirements: Eligibility and Documentation
  • Steps-by-Step Guide to Enel Bursary Online Application
  • When Is The Enel Bursary Closing Date?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enel Bursary?

Enel bursaries are financial support programmes provided to talented young South African applicants from underprivileged backgrounds. These bursaries are available to suitable candidates who reside within the company’s field of operations in provinces like the Northern Cape, Western Cape, and Free State.

Moreover, the Enel bursary 2024 is intended for students who are pursuing:

  •  High School (from Grade 8 to Matriculation)
  •  Tertiary studies

Not to mention! This bursary is not limited to a specific field of study. On the other hand, it funds for all fields of study. Enel has taken this open approach as a way to understand the diverse needs and contribute to South Africa’s economic development. As a result, the bursary from Enel helps talented and underrepresented students find new opportunities and pursue their dreams.

What does the Enel Bursary cover?

Enel offers funds to students based on the bursary type—high School and Tertiary. That means the Enel bursary allowance will be based on the student’s education level and the specific needs associated with their study. Hence, the expenses they provide may vary depending on the type. Let us walk you through this in detail:

High School Bursary:

Those pursuing high school studies, specifically from Grade 8 to Matric, will get allowances for the following:

  • School fees
  • Stationary
  • Textbooks
  • School uniforms
  • Transport costs

Tertiary Bursary:

Candidates undertaking tertiary studies for any field of study get a Tertiary bursary from Enel with allowances for the following:

  • Tuition fees
  •  Registration fees
  •  Learning material And textbook allowance
  •  Meal allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Examination fees (If applicable)
  • University accommodation

With these allowances, Enel bursary 2024 will offer deserving young candidates the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams without any hindrance.

Enel Bursary Requirements: Eligibility and Documentation

To be selected and awarded an Enel allowance, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria. When you fail to meet these mandatory requirements, it will result in the disqualification of your application. In order to verify your candidacy and eligibility, you must submit documents along with your application form. So, let us explore the essential eligibility criteria and documents for Enel bursary 2024:

Eligibility Requirements:

Before applying for the bursary from Enel, you must cross-check whether you are suitable for this bursary programme or not. Given below are the eligibility requirements to get selected for Enel’s bursary programme:

  • You should be a South African citizen.
  • You should reside within 50 km of Enel Sites- Garob Wind Farm, Pulida Energy, Sublunary Trading, Soetwater Wind Farm, and Karusa Wind Farm in the Free State, Northern Cape, or Western Cape.
  • To get a high school bursary, you must be currently in Grade 7 to Grade 11, progressing to the next year of study
  • To get a tertiary bursary, you must be studying matriculation or have completed it this year and been accepted to study at university.
  •  Have obtained a minimum overall average of 65%
  • Must have a household income below R357,000 per year

Explore the general requirements to get a bursary in South Africa.

Necessary Documents To Submit:

As mentioned earlier, documents are proof that enables the learners to prove their suitability for the bursary programme. Given below are some of the key documents to submit before the selection panel for Enel Bursary 2024:

  • Certified copy of ID document
  • If under 18 years old, a certified copy of your parents or guardians’ ID document
  • Recent school report for high school bursary
  • Proof of acceptance at university for tertiary bursary
  • Recent academic transcripts for tertiary bursary, if you are currently studying
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income
  • A medical certificate, if disabled
  • Letter of recommendation

Fulfilling the Enel bursary requirements will enhance your chance of securing the bursary programme. However, you must ensure that you gather all your supporting documents before applying for the bursary. After document assessment, Enel Green Power South Africa and Dalitso Holdings will conduct interviews as part of their selection process.

Steps-by-Step Guide to Enel Bursary Online Application

Enel Bursary 2024 offers a simple application procedure for students. It allows them to access the application form in the most convenient way. Here are the steps you must follow to apply for the bursary programme from Enel:

  • Visit the official website of Dalitso Holdings
  • In the navigation bar, you will see the option ‘Bursaries.
  • Click the option ‘Bursaries.
  • You will see the’ Apply Now’ section at the bottom of the ‘Bursaries’ page.
  • Enter all your details, including your name, phone number, email address, ID Number and date of birth.
  • After this, you will be taken to the application form, where you can fill in your personal details, guardian details, compliance, and selection criteria.
  • Upload the documents
  • Read the instructions carefully and check the box below it
  • Submit the application

Following these steps would help you to successfully complete and submit your application for the Enel Bursary 2024, ensuring that all required information and documents are properly provided for consideration.

Know all about the online bursary application process.

When Is The Enel Bursary Closing Date?

The closing date for the bursaries from Enel for this year was on 12 January 2024. That means students who were looking for bursaries for the academic year 2024 and missed the opportunity can look for next year. You can check the official pages of the bursary providers, both Enel Green Power and Dalitso Holdings, to get more updates on the bursary’s closing dates and opening dates.

On the other hand, if you applied for the Enel Bursary 2024 and succeeded in the selection process, Dalitso Holdings will notify you about this. In case you have queries regarding the bursary programme, you can contact the providers directly at:

Telephone: +27 10 344 0200

Email: communications.egprsa@enel.com

Enel Bursary


Enel Green Power and Dalitso Holdings contribute to the country’s economic development by providing comprehensive support for high school and tertiary education through their bursary programmes. Besides, they are fostering academic excellence by enhancing the chances of South African students from underprivileged backgrounds. As a result, it is an excellent opportunity for those planning to apply for the Enel Bursary 2024.

However, when applying for this bursary, make sure that you meet all eligibility requirements and submit all necessary documents promptly. Above all, stay updated with official websites for the latest application deadlines and process information. Doing so will help you to increase your chances of getting the bursary from Enel.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Enel Bursary 2024

Q1) What are the Enel Bursaries?

Enel bursaries are financial support programmes for South African students from underprivileged backgrounds who are pursuing their education for high school and tertiary education.

Q2) What does Enel provide through its bursaries?

For high school bursaries, students will get funds for School fees, stationery, textbooks, school uniforms, and transport costs. On the other hand, students for tertiary bursaries will receive coverage for tuition fees, registration fees, learning material and textbook allowance, meal allowance, travel allowance, examination fees (if applicable), and university accommodation.

Q3) How will I know if Enel has selected me for the bursary?

Dalitso Holdings will notify successful applicants of their selection for the Enel Bursary 2024. Therefore, you must provide accurate contact details during the application process to receive timely notifications.

Q4) What documents are required for the Enel Bursary application?

The required documents for the bursary programme by Enel include an ID document, proof of university acceptance, a school report, academic transcripts, proof of residence, proof of income, and a letter of recommendation.

Q5) What should I do if I need a course quotation for my bursary application?

If you need a quotation for the course you enroled in Regenesys, career counsellors from Regenesys will help. You can contact our career counsellors for comprehensive guidance and a fee quote for the course you choose to study.

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