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  • One course of study – many options.

Your HCBM will get you into the world of business with a solid all-round grasp of the major functions in a business. The Regenesys HCBM is perfect for entry into the world of work. Successful completion can also allow you to study towards a bachelor’s degree. It’s a one-year full-time qualification, so you can get your qualification quickly.

The Regenesys HCBM will give you a sound theoretical foundation as well as practical knowledge through assignments and projects. You will develop skills, knowledge and values in team management, strategic management, project management, marketing, finance and people management.

  • Time-efficient

The Regenesys HCBM is perfect for entry into the world of work. The HCBM is a one-year full-time qualification, so you can get your qualification quickly. The sooner you finish, the sooner you can get that special job, and start earning. And the HCBM will put you in front of the queue when it comes to shortlisting for job interviews.

  • Your qualification is recognised worldwide.

The Regenesys Higher Certificate in Business Management [HCBM] is a fully accredited one-year certificated course. It is accredited by the Council on Higher Education and the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa (DHET), which means it is accepted around the world. Your matric diploma pass will ensure your acceptance. Completion of the year HCBM allows admission to a Bachelor’s degree in business, and specifically to the Regenesys BBA. Or you may want to study another discipline at another university.

  • Incredible value for money.

The Regenesys HCBM is an absolute steal. At R 19 500 for the full year, it represents fantastic value for money, especially when you consider that Regenesys is a global leader in online learning. You will have unlimited access to 5th generation interactive learning material with videos, pop up notes, multiple-choice questions with immediate feedback, as well as digital publications. In addition to getting an accredited qualification, access to a future degree and learning lots of useful business stuff, you also get to do amazing online learning things.

  • You become a member of the Regenesys family.

As a Regenesys student, you get all sorts of additional advantages. Like assistance with job search, through Dananda Talent, our recruitment agency. You also get to rub shoulders with other Regenesys alums – MBAs, BBAs and DBMs – a very powerful network. Top leaders in top positions, and you can talk to them because you are part of the Regenesys family. Also, the Regenesys Way will set you apart from the rest. You will gain deep insights into yourself, and how to be a better leader. It’s that special Regenesys Magic, that our Alums talk about.

Our state-of-the-art campus in Sandton is a convenient stop-off point if you have time to kill between meetings: enjoy the free Wi-Fi, have some coffee or a bite to eat. Who knows who you will bump into?

And if you can’t afford the R 19 500, come talk to us. Our amazing team at MyWealth Investments will put together a deal for you to help you start learning right away. If you are passionate about learning, we will find a way to get you into the classroom.

We don’t like seeing good talent go to waste.

The Regenesys Higher Certificate in Business Management will unlock your career.

Step up and sign up.

You can achieve your dreams.

We want to awaken your potential.

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