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Acquiring a set of good digital marketing skills is a sure way to futureproof your career in the dynamic marketing industry which has significantly shifted towards digital-based marketing. Equipped with the right skills, there are plenty of career opportunities you can explore within the field of digital marketing. You can become a digital marketing specialist,
Regenesys Business School has developed into a truly global, modern, and dynamic academic hub renowned for our collaborative and interconnected culture – a blend of academic diligence, collaboration, holistic growth, international diversity, and excellence. We believe that education is not a privilege, but a right — a right that should be available to all students,
Our world is changing rapidly. Society, technology, and the marketplace are evolving at an ever-increasing speed. At the same time, we are dealing with the impact of Covid, a weaker economy, climate change, and energy transition. No wonder we are all a little confused and anxious as we stand on the threshold of a new
Here are some thoughts on how to improve your leadership game. Lead by example. This is an obvious one, but so often we see examples of the opposite. You set the benchmark for behaviour in your organisation, regardless of your role or job title. Your colleagues are constantly looking at leaders and will adapt their