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Latest Posts

What jobs can you do with Computer Science

Job Opportunities With Computer Science Degree

In today's digital age, a degree in computer science opens up a world of possibilities, offering a versatile and rewarding ...

Which Career is Best in Computer Science

Computer Science Careers and Opportunities 

The South African tech landscape is flourishing, opening up a diverse array of exciting careers in computer science (CS)! But ...

Does Computer Science Require Math? 

Mathematics is indeed essential for computer science, although the specific level and depth of mathematical knowledge required can vary depending ...

What Courses are Taught In Computer Science

What Courses are Taught In Computer Science?

Choosing a program to pursue our career goals is a difficult task. This selection usually depends upon what are the ...


ETDP SETA Bursary 2024

Many students seek financial aid, such as bursaries, for various reasons. Without this aid, it will become very difficult for ...

Motsepe Foundation Bursary 2024

Motsepe Foundation Bursary 2024

Foundation Bursary is specifically designed to uplift South African students from underprivileged backgrounds in their higher studies. In this article, ...

Bamboo Tree and Leadership

The Bamboo Tree Analogy for Leadership: Growing Strong from the Ground Up

If you don’t know about plants or trees in general, you’d give up when you’re trying to grow a bamboo ...

Preparing for a Productive Meeting with Your Financial Advisor

Preparing for a Productive Meeting with Your Financial Advisor: Key Questions to Consider

Preparing for your upcoming meeting with your financial advisor is not just about ticking boxes, but should be considered as ...

Strength training for women

Strength Training: A Vital Key to Female Health and Wellbeing

Strength training, often associated with bulging muscles and heavy weights, holds immense benefits specifically tailored for females across all stages ...

part time bursaries

Online Bursary Application For 2024

The online bursary application process for 2024 has been developed to be as user-friendly as possible. The initial step taken ...

Can I Do MBA After BSc 2024

Can I Do MBA After BSc: Key Insights to Advance Your Career

Switching from a Bachelor of Science (BSc) to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) could be a smart choice if ...

The Personal MBA book

The Personal MBA Book – Know Why it is A Must-Read Book for Aspiring Business Professionals

In today's fast-moving business world, understanding basic business principles is crucial for success. Whether you want to climb the corporate ...

MBA Motivation Letter

MBA Motivation Letter: How To Write One | Tips and Sample

When considering studying for a Master's degree abroad, writing a strong motivation letter is crucial. This letter is like a ...

Importance of Mathematics in MBA Programme

Is Maths Required For An MBA: Exploring Its Role in Career Success

Mathematics often seems intimidating and challenging. Because of this, many individuals try to avoid it, thinking it won’t be necessary ...

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