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It goes without saying that the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a challenging qualification that requires robust determination and a hunger for success to attain it. The pace is high and the workload is heavy, requiring academic vigour and commitment. But many attain this sought-after qualification, and so can you.


This qualification has a history of producing competent individuals who perform at the highest levels in all spheres of the competitive business world, from new entrepreneurial ventures, through the management strata, to the executive suite.

Many have likened studying for this business management degree to drinking from a fire hose. They think it is meant only for the intellectual elite – more suited to Ivy League people than the average person.

Who you become as an MBA graduate

That may have been the case in the past, but in the rapidly evolving landscape of business now, nothing could be further from the truth. The modern MBA graduate is a well-grounded individual, passionate about leading businesses, with vigour and success in mind.

Bernard Kelvin Clive said that ‘until you dare to take on new challenges, you will not discover your full potential’, and so it is with the MBA.

The curriculum exposes the individual to all aspects of business, from the familiar hard sciences such as finance, operations, economics and strategy, to the soft issues of human relations, leadership, management, ethics, and corporate governance, to name a few. 

What your MBA programme will take

All good MBA programmes mirror the dynamic business environment. They are fast-paced and demanding, with multiple deadlines and challenges that require group co-operation and individual excellence.

The immersive collaborative learning process encourages competitive learning and honing of critical skills sorely needed by business leaders.

All of this is achievable if the individual and the group are disciplined in their studies and participation. By project-managing and planning their workloads and outputs, participants soon adapt to the challenges, welcoming the next task on the road less travelled.

Why this degree is so rewarding

On an individual level the challenges of this business management degree are invigorating. It is particularly rewarding when you begin to see the broader picture, and how the subjects interlace and build on one another. 

Every rung in the ladder contributes to forming a more rounded individual equipped to meet the global business challenges ahead.

MBA Degree

Thomas Friedman said: “The world is flat.” He was alluding to the global connectivity and reach of modern commerce, which challenge businesses at all levels. The convergence of IT functionality and the elevated competitiveness of global networks demands fast, well-honed decision-makers attuned to the intricacies of business. That is to say well-schooled individuals who have the mettle to achieve victory in business.

This is the challenge awaiting all business leaders, and this is what the MBA graduate is groomed for. 

What makes it truly satisfying

It may seem daunting, but it is a challenge well worth taking up.

To ask whether it is hard to get an MBA is akin to asking whether it is hard to be an Olympian. Of course it is challenging, and requires a great deal of effort and dedication, but the rewards can be immense. 

The question should be: Do you dare to dream, to seek the impossible, to climb the Everest of business?

If so, it is not difficult, it is a pleasure – and truly satisfying.

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Barry Westhuizen

Postdoctorate, DBM, MBL, BA Senior Facilitator | Regenesys Business School


Postdoctorate, DBM, MBL, BA Senior Facilitator | Regenesys Business School

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