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How to Deliver a Powerful Talk

  • Speak from your heart instead of reading your speech. Keep eye contact with your audience – do not talk to your notes, slides, or whiteboard. Talk loud enough that people at the back can hear you. Be sincere and authentic. Be energetic, enthusiastic, relaxed, and smile.
  • Be gracious to have an opportunity to address the audience. Greet the audience and the organiser.
  • Have a powerful introduction.
  • Connect with your audience. Tune in and manage the energy of the audience.
  • Watch for body language, are people yawning, playing with their mobiles, or listening attentively.
  • Use appropriate jokes, relax your audience, and have fun.
  • Pause and change the tone and volume of your voice when making important points – silence is good.
  • Do not preach, repeat, pontificate, go on, or be dogmatic.
  • Use a variety of strategies to build trust and to connect with your audience emotionally, intellectually and spiritually – stories, questions, jokes, wisdom, emotions, and examples.
  • End with a powerful conclusion. Summarise key points. Leave the audience with practical steps, the way forward, strong and memorable impression.

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