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Digital marketing channels have become extremely competitive with many brands competing for audiences’ attention at every opportunity. If you’ve ever been curious about the world of digital marketing, the good news is you can build a viable career in the digital marketing space to help businesses connect with their customers.

LinkedIn findings suggest that opportunities in the marketing are expanding, with roles in digital and media leading the charge. 

Here are five tips on how to build a career in digital marketing:

Enhance your skills – study an online digital marketing course  

One of the best ways to kickstart a career in digital marketing is to gain an industry-recognised certification. By studying a good digital marketing course, you will become truly empowered with skills for the digital age. 

And, this demonstrates that you’ve gone to the extent of formally learning about digital marketing to understand the types of digital marketing and how to effectively be a digital marketer. Your future employer will be interested to hire a person with adequate skills and knowledge of digital marketing.

There are many online course options available for you to start. The online Digital Marketing course from Digital Regenesys, for example, will teach you all the fundamentals, including:

  • Digital Marketing on Facebook, Google, Linkedin, And Youtube
  • Advertising via Instagram, Twitter, and Other Emerging Social Media Platforms
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Management, Search Engine Optimisation, And Web Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Network with digital marketing professionals online

Take advantage of the professional social networking site LinkedIn to network and mingle professionally. Search for digital marketing companies on Linkedin and follow them. This will help you keep up with the latest digital trends and what companies are doing. It will also give you a bigger picture of the digital marketing industry and where it’s headed.

Also, follow professionals in the space by way of searching for digital-related job titles and then connecting with different people and making them part of your network. As you keep your eye on them, you’re sure to gain some key insights about the digital marketing space. You will get to see what these professionals talk about relating to their line of work and from that, you can derive great value.

Engage with such people and form connections with them. This could lead to something concrete where you get referred to a job, get offered a job, or get mentored by a more experienced person who sees your enthusiasm – who knows?

Read digital marketing blogs – stay up to date

Keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry so as to know the direction to steer your digital marketing career in. Reading good blogs will help in this regard – and they can give you a huge knowledge booster generally.

Blogs are informational website pages covering all manner of topics, and they can be significantly educational. Millions of blogs exist and reading the ones that align with your interests can benefit you.

Below we’ve sourced some good blog resources to help you build your career in digital marketing.  They cover many topics to do with digital marketing so when you need some things explained, you can look to these blogs:

Youtube is also a very useful platform where you can search for virtually any topic and get the answers you need to be explained by an expert.

Volunteer to help out a friend’s small business 

If you know someone with a small business that can use some digital marketing help, then why not approach them about offering your services as a mutually beneficial act of service. If they are not yet convinced about why every small business owner should study a digital marketing course, then you must take advantage of that and be the one to help them help their business grow digitally.

After completing your online digital marketing course you should know your way around the techniques and tools used. This way, you will get to exercise your digital marketing skills at a smaller scale gaining experience, and then over time, you’ll become truly skillful and ready to take on a proper role at a digital marketing agency or company.

Apply for digital marketing internships 

An internship is always a good stepping stone to set your foot in any industry. An internship is defined by Oxford Dictionary as “The position of a student or trainee who works in an organisation, sometimes without pay, to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.”

Doing an internship will require a bit of a sacrifice on your part, working hard and likely getting paid very little. But, it’s necessary training and a stepping stone for you to get to the next level having a bit of digital marketing experience.

Companies want to hire people who know what they are doing, or at least, who have what it takes. So, take the opportunity to prove yourself so that bigger doors can wind up opening up for you as a result.  

In Conclusion 

A career isn’t built in one day or in one way, it takes time and multiple building blocks. In today’s growing digital economy, a career in digital marketing is a promising one. With the right set of skills and the pursuit of the right kinds of opportunities, you can start building your career today.

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