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Is there a way to secure YOUR education and take you and your dependents to a secure future?

A sure way of improving the quality of life, lifting people out of poverty and growing economies in Africa, is to expand access to higher education.

Only 6% of children in Sub-Saharan Africa enrol for tertiary education. By comparison, a school leaver in an OECD country will have an 80% chance of getting into higher education.

In the 10 African countries with the greatest populations, there are just 740 universities. They serve a population of 660 million people. By contrast, the United States has 5,300 universities and colleges serving a population of over 323 million people. More than 9 times as many institutions for a population half the size.

If we turn our focus to South Africa, we find in the following table – the last column on the right hand side:

Proportion of households by social class
Institute of Race Relations | FreeFACTS | No11/2019 | November 20198 | Issue 19

Over the period 2008 to 2017 0,2% of chronic poor households had a household head with tertiary education of any sort. This includes tertiary craft and artisan training and is not confined to university education. The transient poor had 11,9% with a household head with a tertiary qualification. The vulnerable category stood at 2,8%. In contrast to this, the middle class had over 35%, and two thirds of the elite had a household head with tertiary education.

This represents a shocking waste of valuable human talent; poor people do not have access to substantive roles in the economy commensurate with their abilities, because they lack the finances that will give them access to appropriate qualifications.

Regenesys Business School has wrestled with this problem for several years.  Their point of departure is that everybody should have access to the quality education to which they aspire. The Regenesys mindset is that education is a right and not a privilege. If anyone has the capability of mastering a tertiary qualification, they should be given the opportunity to do so. Regardless of wealth, class or place of residence.

Lack of affordable access to quality education is a root cause of many problems in our world today: poverty, unemployment, inequality, terrorism, wars, diseases, discrimination, human suffering and unhappiness. Regenesys believes that the cost of higher education should not prevent any human being from achieving their dreams.

Instead of wringing their hands and mouthing platitudes, Regenesys Business School, through the Regenesys Foundation, has created a unique Education for All [Ed4All] programme to disrupt traditional models of education. It uses state of the art online learning technology to deliver online life-changing programmes. The initiative is open to those who truly are poor, but have the aptitude and desire to study further.

If you are bright, young and ambitious, with good school-leaving results, this could be for you.

High youth unemployment rates remain one of the greatest challenges to economic transformation in South Africa

High youth unemployment rates remain one of the greatest challenges to economic transformation in South Africa. The Ed4All initiative is viable because it rides on the back of Regenesys Business School’s extensive investment in digital distance education. Ed4All students get access to exactly the same materials as do regular fee-paying students.

This is what you can expect when you embark on a programme of higher education at Regenesys Business School as an Ed4All student.

Your communication skills will improve. You will be better able to interpret what others are saying, and your own communication skills, including writing skills, will improve. Regenesys will provide a supportive learning environment so you can take chances and advance novel ideas and arguments that you previously might not have felt confident about.

A business qualification will enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You will form your own opinions and argue them effectively. You will learn to analyse the work of your lecturers and fellow students and engage with information at a deeper level. Your critical thinking skills will make you better at problem-solving. You will develop the ability to critically compare the pros and cons in situations and to come up with more solutions than you may have imagined.

Built into the Regenesys experience is a strong focus on defining and refining your personal purpose in life – what you want to do and how you want to be of service. This will make you much more focused in your studies and in your future career development. This will boost your confidence in your own abilities and open you to prospects that you might never have considered before.

You will realise that you have the ability to put your mind to something and accomplish it, and that you can take on more challenges than you thought you were able to handle.

This feeling of confidence will give you the positive mind-set that will keep you focused on your goals. When you set goals for yourself as an individual, self-confidence keeps you focused, especially when things seem to be going off course or when the going becomes a little challenging.

Confident people are often highly successful in both their work and personal lives. A business studies programme will put you in the best possible position for confident decision-making in your first and subsequent jobs. Instead of a narrow functional view, you will be informed by insights into finance, project management, business strategy, managing teams and much, much more.

Studying for a higher education qualification is tough and hard. It will make demands on you and your family. But this is also an important predictor of success in the workplace. Recruiters look for people who can meet tough deadlines. You will be better at project management, timekeeping and delivery of results through your studies.

In the course of your studies you will receive honest feedback from your lecturers. This is purposefully done to help you become a better student. Through feedback and support students become more confident and are able to react positively to constructive criticism in the workplace.

Graduating with a degree is a massive achievement. It’s the result of great sacrifice and dedication. Every graduate should be extremely proud of their achievements. And this applies much more so to chronic poor and transient poor people who thought that higher education was possible. It is a huge lift to their self-esteem. And this boost in self-confidence often leads students to exciting new careers and great opportunities.

Regenesys will be with you every step of the way on your journey to being the best that you can be.

Regenesys will accept you as you are. Every student is unique. With unique needs and unique aspirations. You will be welcome as part of the Global Regenesys Family. What counts is your ability and ambition, not where you come from.

Through the Ed4All programme you will develop a sense of responsibility. You have special strengths, interests, and gifts, which in turn can help and uplift others.

With business studies, you cannot hideaway. You have to put in the effort and deliver the results. And this gives you a special sense of ownership. It’s your studies, your work and your learning. You have control over your life, you make the decisions. You are no longer a victim of poverty.

In the Regenesys Community you will develop self-discipline. You will think before you act.

In the Regenesys Community, you will develop self-discipline. You will think before you act. You will learn to evaluate information. Understand the context and the dynamics. Rules and structures are frameworks, not limitations.

The Regenesys emphasis on emotional and spiritual intelligence will give you the tools and confidence to stand up for yourself. You will be able to put your point of view across. You will learn to hold your own in a debate. You no longer need to bite your tongue or capitulate your position.

At Regenesys you will have the services of a personal programme advisor, who will assist you with resolving problems, outlining procedures and guiding you through the rules. Your lecturers are trained to bring out the best in you. The unique Regenesys facilitation style will quickly bring you back into the discipline of study.

And of course you will make mistakes. That is why Regenesys is a safe environment to try out new ideas, to push the limits of understanding. And if you do poorly in an assignment because you misunderstood the question – that is valuable learning for the future. Making mistakes and addressing them is one of the best ways of learning. All the students who have gone before you have made mistakes. When it happens, embrace it.

The Regenesys Ed4All programme is delivered online. This means you can study safely in your own home, or in a convenient place where you have access to the internet. You can continue to stay in your current home and assist with household chores and tasks. You don’t have to travel to classes, so your costs are lower. You can even do your exams at a distance.

End Note

The Regenesys Ed4All will be YOUR education, taking you and your dependents to a different, more secure future. No one can ever take that from you. You will change how you think about yourself and how you think about the world. You will never again be the same person after the Regenesys Experience.

Undertaking higher education is not easy, especially if you have been out of school for a few years. But with the right mindset, motivation, and the Regenesys support system, you can do it. Believe in yourself, and your ability to learn, and you will succeed!

The Ed4All initiative gives you the opportunity to earn a top, recognised business qualification.

The Education for All initiative aims to:

  • Disrupt traditional higher education systems and provide access to affordable and quality higher education to the world;
  • Utilise internet, financial engineering, technology and education as the greatest equalisers in the world;
  • Create a world in which higher education is a human right for all and not a privilege of the wealthy;
  • Provide an opportunity to every human being on Planet Earth to be educated, develop, awaken their potential and achieve their dreams;
  • Develop more educated and more enlightened human beings, better leaders and a better world.

The following programmes are available exclusively online through Education for All:

These programmes are all formally accredited by the Council for Higher Education of South Africa.

Ed4All allows financially disadvantaged students to gain access to higher business education by paying a nominal fee, calculated according to their means, from as little as $35 per month [R 500]. Once students complete their qualification and obtain employment, they pay off the remainder of the loan. Interest is charged at commercial rates and the repayment period is adjusted according to the students’ circumstances after graduation.

To gain entry to Ed4All programmes, applicants must meet the standard regulatory educational requirements for the programme they have chosen.

Click here to become a student on the Ed4All initiative.

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