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Accountants are regarded as one of the “scarce skills” in South Africa. Accounting professionals can seek job opportunities in many different sectors, including accounting, finance, auditing and more. 

An accounting degree can be significantly beneficial, but does the lack of funding matter? 

Many accounting bursaries are available in South Africa to help students with their educational expenses, encourage them to continue their education without any financial burdens and help them achieve their goals

But what is a bursary? Bursaries are financial services that help students by providing financial support for their higher education. They are awarded to students based on their financial requirements and academic performance. 

These bursaries differ from loans in that the donors do not demand repayment, making them an excellent form of financial assistance.

In this article, let us learn more in detail about accounting bursaries, accounting honours bursaries, accounting postgraduate bursaries, and accounting bursaries in South Africa in 2024.

Table of Contents

  • What are Accounting Bursaries?
  • Eligibility for Accounting Bursaries
  • How to Apply for an Accounting Honours Bursaries?
  • An Accounting Bursary In South Africa – 2024 – Overview
  • What are the Benefits of Accounting Postgraduate Bursaries?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

What are Accounting Bursaries?

Accounting bursaries are financial assistance or rewards offered to students pursuing higher studies in Accounting, finance and other related domains of Accounting Science in South Africa. 

Accounting bursaries aim to support students with educational expenditures, including tuition fees, academic fees, study materials and other living expenses associated with their academic pursuits.

There are various educational institutes, universities and colleges offering Accounting bursaries. These bursaries are crucial in making education more accessible and affordable for students interested in pursuing careers in accounting or financial sectors.  

Eligibility for Accounting Bursaries

Eligibility requirements for applying for Accounting bursaries include:

  • Applicants must be South African citizens,
  • Applicants must have a minimum score of 70%,
  • Applicants must be first or second-year undergraduate students,
  • Applicants must be dedicated to studying towards a Chartered Accountancy (CA) qualification.

These eligibility criteria may vary with the bursary providers. Remember to check the bursary providers’ website for more information on eligibility criteria.

How to Apply for an Accounting Honours Bursaries?

Accounting Honours bursaries are financial assistance or rewards delivered to students pursuing an honours degree in accounting. These bursaries help students by covering all educational expenses, including academic fees, examination fees, study materials, and textbooks, as well as accommodation, travel, and food allowances.

Accounting Honours bursaries support students by reducing their financial stress and encouraging them in their future professional development. Accounting honours bursaries enable students to pursue their honours in reputable institutions and receive advanced educational resources.

Applying for an Accounting honours bursary helps students in reaching their goals. These bursaries reduce the financial responsibilities associated with their honours studies.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help students apply for Accounting honours  bursaries in South Africa:

Step 1: Research for the Accounting Honours bursaries opportunities

  • Identify Potential Providers,
  • Explore online Databases.

Step 2: Understand Eligibility Criteria

  • Financial Necessities,
  • Academic Requirements,
  • Programme Specific Requirements.

Step 3: Prepare the required Application Documents

  • Proof of Identity,
  • Academic Transcript,
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV),
  • Financial Documentation,
  • Letter of Recommendation,
  • Personal Statement or an essay,
  • Proof of Enrolment or Acceptance.

Step 4: Submit a Strong Application

  • Follow the instructions given by the bursary providers,
  • Customise your Application,
  • Proofread and Edit,
  • Seek feedback.

Step 5: Follow Up

  • Confirmation of Receipt,
  • Stay Informed.

These are step-by-step procedures for obtaining an Accounting honours Bursary in South Africa. Obtaining the bursaries requires thorough research, preparation, and submission of a fully completed application before the due date.

Understanding the bursary providers’ instructions and other eligibility criteria can enhance your chances of securing financial assistance for your financial studies.

An Accounting Bursary In South Africa – 2024 – Overview

An Accounting Bursary in South Africa – 2024 is available to support the brightest young financial students and those with a strong passion for pursuing a career in Chartered Accounting. 

An Accounting Bursary in South Africa-2024 provides all the education expenses required by a student, including study materials, textbooks, academic fees, food and travel expenses, accommodation, vacation work and other allowances.

Furthermore, the bursary providers require applicants/students to work for their organisation or sectors after completing their studies. 

Accounting Bursary in South Africa—2024 is a valuable stepping stone, helping students achieve their future career goals.

What are the Benefits of Accounting Postgraduate Bursaries?

These Accounting Postgraduate Bursaries are specifically granted to South African citizens pursuing or interested in pursuing a Postgraduate diploma in accounting. Various organisations or institutes offer Accounting Postgraduate Bursaries in South Africa and support students in promoting their education and careers in the field of Accounting.

Some of the top benefits of Accounting Postgraduate Bursaries in South Africa are:

  • These Bursaries take away the financial stress.
  • Applicants with this bursary can complete their higher studies and reach their goals without paying for it.
  • Some bursary providers offer financial assistance for an entire education and extra allowances, including food, travelling and living allowances.
  • Accounting Postgraduate Bursaries also provide access to quality education by enabling students to attend well-recognised and affiliated institutions.
  • Some bursaries provide financial assistance, but they also recognise students’ talents and academic excellence, motivate students with rewards, and encourage them to maintain their high academic standards. 

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Accounting Bursaries in South Africa play a crucial role in providing financial assistance for students pursuing their degrees and postgraduate studies in accounting. By providing financial assistance, the accounting bursaries encourage students to focus on their studies and achieve academic excellence. 

Stay tuned with Regenesys to learn more about the Accounting Bursary in South Africa and how to get a bursary to study for an accounting degree.

Frequently Asked Questions: Accounting Bursaries For 2024.

Who is eligible for Accounting Bursaries in South Africa?

The eligible criteria for Accounting Bursaries in South Africa include:

  • Applicants must be South African citizens.
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need for need-based bursaries.
  • Applicants must have a strong academic record, particularly in Mathematics and Accounting.
  • Applicants must be enroled or intend to enrol in an accredited accounting degree programme.
  • Applicants must be dedicated to studying for a chartered accountant qualification.

These eligibility criteria vary with the bursary providers.

 Can I Apply for Multiple Bursaries?

Yes, you can apply for multiple bursaries to increase your chances of receiving financial support. However, check each bursary’s rules and regulations regarding multiple applications and awards.

What are the Benefits of Accounting Bursaries?

Applicants applying for Accounting Bursaries in South Africa are benefited in many ways. Some of these benefits include:

  • Financial Support: Includes tuition fees, study materials, accommodation, and other living expenses.
  • Professional Development: Includes internships, mentorship, and training programmes.
  • Career Prospects: Provide networking and job placement opportunities with bursaries providers or other sectors.
  • Academic Award: Students are motivated to retain high academic standards, and merit students are recognised and awarded for their academic excellence.

Are there any responsibilities after completing my studies with Accounting Bursaries?

Yes. Some bursary providers may require graduates to serve their organisation after their graduation. Thus, it is compulsory for students to learn the terms and conditions of the bursary providers before applying for the financial assistance.

What Documents are required for Accounting Bursaries for 2024?

The documents required for Accounting Bursaries for 2024 usually vary with the Bursary providers. Some of the standard documents include

  • Motivational letter,
  • Recommendation Letters,
  • Passport or any other ID proof,
  • Financial statements or proof of financial requirements,
  • Proof of enrolment or acceptance into an accounting programme – UG, PG or honours.


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