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An honours degree commonly refers to a higher level of education or pursuing an undergraduate degree. It is a special combination of theory, research, projects, assignments, and more. An honours degree is an effective step towards advancing individual academic and professional careers. 

Are you looking to continue your higher studies and are worried about the lack of funding? If so, many bursary donors support students in their education by providing financial assistance in addition to other established criteria.

In South Africa, the rising cost of higher education has become a major concern for students. Thus, bursaries are one of the best financial assistance to help students continue their higher education and reach their goals. Bursaries are awarded to students with financial support based on certain eligibility criteria. In South Africa, bursaries are available for individuals who cannot continue their studies due to financial difficulties, responsibilities, or stress. Thus, most individuals rely on Bursaries to finance their education expenditure. 

But what is Honours Bursaries?

In this article, we will learn more in detail about the Honours Bursaries in South Africa, including their terms and conditions, guidelines, and more.

Table of Contents

  • What is Honours Bursaries?
  • Honours Bursaries South Africa – An Overview
  • Honours Bursaries 2024 – Guidelines, Terms and Conditions
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Honours Bursaries?

Pursuing an honours degree is a consequential step towards advancing individuals’ academic and professional careers.  Honours degree refers to a variant of the undergraduate bachelor’s degree. An honours degree will provide you with exceptional research abilities as well as transferable skills.

An honours bursary is financial assistance or a reward provided for students who aspire to pursue an honours degree. These bursaries help aspiring students with their education by enabling them to focus on their studies without financial troubles.

An honours bursary’s primary goal or objective is to promote or encourage talented and aspiring students to achieve their academic and professional goals. Thus, by reducing the financial burden, these bursaries promote academic research, innovations, and a skilled workforce and contribute to society’s development.

Honours Bursaries South Africa – An Overview

Honours bursaries are financial assistance developed to support students who want to continue their higher education with an honours degree. There are different types of 

honours bursaries, mainly classified based on the requirements, merit and non-merit-based criteria specific fields of study, and more.

The eligibility criteria, admission requirements, and application procedure for Honours Bursaries 2024 vary depending on the donors or institutes providing the bursaries. 

Below are the standard eligibility criteria, required documents, benefits, application procedure guidelines, and specific terms and conditions for submitting application forms.

Honours Bursaries 2024 – Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

The eligible criteria, admission requirements and application procedure for  Honours bursaries – 2024 varies with the donors or the institutes providing the bursaries. Listed below are the standard eligibility criteria, required documents, benefits, and guidelines for the application procedure, along with the certain terms and conditions required for the submission of application forms.

Honours Bursaries – Eligibility Criteria

 The eligibility criteria for Honours Bursaries – 2024 vary with the Bursary providers. These standard eligibility criteria may include:

  • Applicants must be South African citizens,
  • Applicants must score a minimum of 70% marks,
  • Applicants must be dedicated to studying towards an honours degree.

Honours Bursaries – Documentation Requirements

The documentation required to apply for honours bursaries-2024 includes:

  • Proof of Identity,
  • Academic Transcript,
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV),
  • Financial Documentation,
  • Letter of Recommendation,
  • Personal Statement or an essay,
  • Proof of Enrolment or Acceptance.

Honours Bursaries – Benefits 

Bursaries are part of the college’s funding for low-income students who face challenges in paying their education fees, travelling, food, and accommodation costs. Unlike loans and other financial assistance, bursary awards cannot be repaid by the students, and they are generally donated by companies, private donors, NGOs, and government funding. 

Students applying for Honours Bursaries are benefited in many ways. Some of the top benefits of Honours Bursaries – 2024 include:

  • Applicants can complete their studies without paying a single amount.
  • Some bursary providers also offer students with internships and career opportunities.
  • Some bursary donors also provide access to quality education by enabling students to attend well-recognised and affiliated institutions.
  • Some bursary providers offer financial assistance for an entire education and extra allowances, including food, travelling and living allowances.

Honours Bursaries – Application Procedure

Applying for an honours bursary in 2024 is easy. Applicants can either apply online by visiting the provider’s website or download the application, fill it out, and submit it manually.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help students apply for honours  bursaries in South Africa:

Step 1: Research for the Honours bursaries opportunities

  • Identify Potential Providers
  • Explore online Data dases.

Step 2: Understand Eligibility Criteria

  • Financial Necessities,
  • Academic Requirements,
  • Programme Specific Requirements.

Step 3: Prepare the required Application Documents

  • Proof of Identity,
  • Academic Transcript,
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV),
  • Financial Documentation,
  • Letter of Recommendation,
  • Personal Statement or an essay,
  • Proof of Enrolment or Acceptance.

Step 4: Submit a Strong Application

  • Follow the instructions given by the bursary providers
  • Customise your Application
  • Proofread and Edit
  • Seek feedback.

Step 5: Follow Up

  • Confirmation of Receipt,
  • Stay Informed.

These are step-by-step procedures for obtaining an honours Bursary in South Africa. Obtaining the bursary requires thorough research, thorough preparation, and submission of a fully completed application before the due date.

Understanding the bursary providers’ instructions and other eligibility criteria can enhance individuals’ chances of securing financial assistance for their financial studies.

Honours Bursaries


Honours Bursaries—2024 are an important financial assistance resource in South Africa that provides financial support for students seeking to advance in their academics. Honours Bursaries in South Africa provide financial assistance and additional assistance, including food and transport allowances and living expenses, thus enabling students to achieve academic and professional goals. 

Honours Bursaries – 2024 play a crucial role in encouraging academic excellence and motivating students to thrive in their academic and professional fields.

Overall, Honours Bursaries—2024 can ease financial hardship and allow students to concentrate on academic objectives and professional development.

Stay tuned with Regenesys to learn more about the Honours Bursaries – 2024 in South Africa and how to get a bursary to study Honours degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions: Honours Bursaries – 2024.

What are Honours Bursaries – 2024?

Honours bursaries are financial assistance provided to students who cannot afford the educational expenses associated with the Honours degree.

Are there Bursaries available for online programmes?

Yes. There are some bursary providers who offer financial assistance for online programmes.

What expenses do Honours Bursaries provide to their applications? 

Honours Bursaries donors typically provide:

  • Tuition fees,
  • Textbook and other study materials expenses,
  • Examination fees, along with other academic fees.

Some bursary donors also provide other expenses, including accommodation, food, travel and more.

Can I apply for multiple Honours Bursaries?

Yes. You can apply for multiple bursaries as it increases your chances of receiving financial assistance.

What are the essential documents required for an Honours Bursaries – 2024 application?

Different Bursary donors require different documentation to be approved for Honours Bursaries – 2024. Thus, students must check the bursaries ‘ official website for the eligibility criteria, documentation requirements and other information regarding the application process.

Some of the standard essential documents required for an Honours Bursaries – 2024 application are:

  • Passport or any other ID proof,
  • Evidence of financial requirement,
  • A detailed record of applicants’ academic performance,
  • Proof of enrolment in an  Honours degree or programme,
  • Recommendation letter from academic or professional mentors,
  • Motivational letter explaining applicants’ academic and career goals.


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