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A recent study by DBS Bank, in partnership with CRISIL attempted to understand how urban women plan, prioritise and manage their money: The major finding indicated that 98% of working women respondents actively participate in long-term family decision-making. The research indicated that about 47% of the working women take independent financial decisions, this financial freedom is more dependent on age and location. So, if you are a working woman with experience and a matric qualification

The Higher Certificate in Business Management (HCBM) at Regenesys Business School is intended to help you enhance your operational efficiency while gaining a strategic perspective of business to enhance your financial freedom. Because developing thinking, efficiency-oriented managers is our primary interest, we intentionally create cognitive dissonance in class to spur deep learning and peer learning.

You have a choice of three streams for the Higher Certificate in Business Management: the general business HCBM, an HCBM in Retail Management


  • HCBM core business management modules
  • Elective business management subjects
  • Industry-specific electives

HCBM core business management modules

Your core modules for the general business management HCBM are:

Fundamentals of Business Management

This module is largely about how to co-ordinate the general management of an organisation in light of its overall business environment and in order for it to achieve its goals. 

Human Resource Management

The most important resource for any organisation is its employees. Your duty in managing them requires adding value to the process, from hiring them to retiring them back into society. You’ll learn many ways to streamline and smooth the processes required, along with motivational and conflict management techniques.

Marketing Management

This course helps to explain why your customers do what they do, which in turn provides a basis for your marketing strategy and mix – crucial to communicating and delivering the value your business offers. 

Financial Management

This module gives you a framework for financial planning, along with tools and techniques for budgeting, cash planning, how to apply ratio analysis to assess the health of your business unit, along with financial reporting requirements. 

Elective business management subjects

Besides the compulsory subjects listed above, you will be permitted to select two electives from the following list of electives, tailoring your programme to your interests: 

Project Management 

This module is designed to equip you with key project management tools and techniques, handling everything from stakeholder analysis to taking care of the critically interconnected constraints of time, cost and quality.

Quality and Customer Service Management

 You should emerge from this module with a sound understanding of the principles of quality and customer relations management, as well as the importance of managing stakeholder relationships, and how to manage challenges in improving quality. The “wow” factor is crucial here!

Information and Communication Technology

Here you’ll learn about the research process and how to use computer skills to access information, alongside problem-solving – a vital skill no matter what you do for a living – and managing computer files as well as data security.

Sales Management

Every business needs a sales management function; some businesses will have a variety of them, depending on the markets they serve. In this course you will be familiarised with the major functions of sales management, the sales manager’s role and responsibilities, learn how to set sales objectives and measure sales performance, and develop the art of consultative salesmanship. You will also learn about sales initiatives, campaigns, and ways to incentivise salespeople. 

Negotiation and Conflict Management

Negotiation is an everyday requirement in business, whether you are dealing with staff, seniors, juniors, other managers, or suppliers. This module prepares you to negotiate, as well as to manage and resolve conflict.

Operations Management

This specialised course introduces the core principles that guide innovative process design, along with how the different characteristics of operations affect their management. By the time you have completed it you will have a good understanding of the effect of supply and demand on operational planning and control, the relationship between capacity and inventory management, understand what to do to assess and mitigate operational risk, and understand which techniques to use to improve different kinds of operations, among other things.


1) What is the main focus of the article “Women’s Financial Freedom”?

This article explores how urban women, especially working women, are actively participating in long-term financial decision-making and their increasing independence in financial matters. It also highlights the Higher Certificate in Business Management (HCBM) at Regenesys Business School, which aims to enhance operational efficiency and strategic business perspectives to further empower financial freedom.

2) What are the key findings of the DBS Bank and CRISIL study mentioned in the article?

The study found that 98% of working women respondents are actively involved in long-term family decision-making. Additionally, about 47% of these women take independent financial decisions, with financial freedom being influenced by factors like age and location.

3) Who can benefit from the Higher Certificate in Business Management (HCBM) at Regenesys Business School?

The HCBM programme is designed for working women who want to enhance their operational efficiency and gain a strategic perspective in business. It is especially beneficial for those with experience and a matric qualification.

4) What are the core modules of the HCBM in general business management?

The core modules include Fundamentals of Business Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, and Financial Management.

5) Can students choose elective subjects in the HCBM programme?

Yes, students can select two electives from a list that includes Project Management, Quality and Customer Service Management, Information and Communication Technology, Sales Management, Negotiation and Conflict Management, and Operations Management.

6) How does the HCBM programme support women’s financial freedom?

The HCBM programme at Regenesys Business School is structured to empower women by enhancing their business management skills and strategic thinking, thereby contributing to their financial independence and decision-making abilities.

7) Are there any industry-specific electives available in the HCBM programme?

Yes, the programme offers industry-specific electives, allowing students to tailor their learning to their specific career goals and interests.

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Dr Nishikant Bohra

PhD, MBA, BSc Academic Head and Multicountry Manager Regenesys Business School

Author Dr Nishikant Bohra

PhD, MBA, BSc Academic Head and Multicountry Manager Regenesys Business School

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