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Public management is a highly specialised field of study that focuses on planning and implementing policies and programmes designed to meet the needs of the public. As such, it requires an interdisciplinary approach to learning and understanding the various components of public policy, management, and administration.

Let’s explore the different subjects required to study public management.


  • What is Public Management?
  • What is a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management?
  • What subjects are needed to study public management?

What is Public Management?

Public management is a broad field of study that encompasses the roles and responsibilities of government agencies in society. It is a multidisciplinary domain that includes public policy, economics, sociology, political science, and law. 

Public management courses will give students the knowledge and skills to effectively manage public resources, develop public policy, and evaluate public programmes.

What is a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management?

A Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) is an advanced, specialised programme designed for individuals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing public sector organisations. 

This PDPM programme is typically pursued by professionals in the public sector or individuals seeking to transition into leadership roles within governmental agencies, non-profit organisations, or international institutions. 

This PDPM programme provides in-depth training in various aspects of public management and administration.

What subjects are needed to study public management?

Public management students must be knowledgeable in various topics ranging from public administration, economics, political science, public policy, and sociology. These topics involve using relevant theories, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and problem-solving skills.

When studying public management courses, students should understand the basic principles of public administration and have a strong knowledge of public finance. They should be familiar with the various levels of government and their responsibilities. 

Here are some core public management course subjects

Public Administration

  • Public administration is the primary course subject in public management.
  • This subject provides students with a detailed overview of the principles, practices, and tools used in the administration of public affairs.
  • It includes public management theory, public finance, public personnel administration, public budgeting, and public policy analysis.


  • Economics is the second public management course subject. 
  • This subject covers the principles of economics, public finance, resource allocation, and public policy analysis. 
  • It also provides an understanding of how economic policies affect the public and how these policies can be used to achieve desired outcomes.

Political science

  • Political science is the third and the most crucial public management course subject needed to study public management. 
  • This subject examines the principles and concepts of the political system and its interactions with the public. 
  • It includes public opinion, political behaviour, political parties, voting behaviour, and the media.


  • Sociology is the fourth public management course subject needed to study public management. 
  • This subject examines the social, cultural, and economic aspects of public life and the effects of public policies on individuals and groups. 
  • It includes social stratification, structure, movements, and change.

Public policy

  • Finally, the fifth and essential public management course subject is public policy. 
  • This subject focuses on the formulation and implementation of public policy, the development of public programmes, and the evaluation of public programmes.
  • It includes topics such as public policy analysis, public policy evaluation, planning, and development.

These five core subjects are crucial for understanding public management. Therefore, students interested in pursuing a career in public management should study these subjects to understand the public policy process.

In addition to these core subjects, students should understand the different areas of public management. They should also be familiar with public administrators’ various strategies and techniques, such as decision-making, problem-solving, and policy implementation. Other topics of importance include human resource management, public service delivery, and public sector research.

Public Management and Regenesys Business School

The Bottom Line

Public management is a complex and diverse field of study. However, with a broad understanding of the various topics in public management, students can develop the skills and knowledge needed to become successful public managers.

Many different subjects are required to study and understand the complexities of public management. Students should thoroughly understand economics, political science, sociology, and public policy analysis to succeed. Additionally, they should be familiar with the different sources of political power, the various theories of public policy, and the various models of social change.

With a deep understanding of these topics, students will be better equipped to analyse and evaluate public policy decisions and shape the direction of the public sector.

Regardless of the number of subjects your institute offers, it would be best if you emerged from your public management programme with a comprehensive, integrated understanding of business operations, strategy, and management. Thus, prepare to take on a leadership role in the business world.

Learn more about Regenesys’s Public management curriculum here and decide what subjects to study.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions: What Subjects Are Needed to Study Public Management?

Why pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) programme?

Answer: A Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) offers advanced education and specialised skills for professionals aiming to excel in leadership roles within the public sector. 

This PDPM programme equips individuals with the expertise needed to address the following: 

  • Complex public management challenges, 
  • Contribute to policy development and 
  • Make a positive impact on society through effective and ethical governance.

What are the core modules of the Regenesys Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) programme?

Answer: The Regenesys Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) programme is devised and instructed by experts and experienced industry partners.

The complete programme structure is 12 months, comprising six compulsory modules and two electives.

The Core Modules include:

Public Finance

Fundamentals of Research

Monitoring and Evaluation

Advanced Public Project Management

Strategic Management in the Public Sector

Advanced Public Human Resource Management

Click here to explore the Regenesys Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) programme.

What is the programme structure and duration of the Regenesys Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) programme?

Answer: The Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management is an NQF Level 8

qualification, with 120 credits, offered for 12 months or one year.

What Public Management programmes are offered by Regenesys school of Public Management?

Answer: Regenesys is one of the fastest-growing and leading business schools that offers a comprehensive and top-quality education in Business, Public Management, Finance, Law, Technology, and Education.

Regenesys school of Public Management provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Public Management. This includes:

Undergraduate Programmes in Public Management

  • Bachelor of Public Management (BPM)
  • Higher Certificate in Public Management (HCPM)

Postgraduate Programmes in Public Management

  • Master of Public Management (MPM)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM)

Learn more about these Public Management programmes @ Regenesys school of Public Management.

What career opportunities are available with the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management programme?

Answer:  Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management programme develops strategic management skills required to manage a public service or non-profit organisation. Thus, the PDPM programme opens up many career opportunities in the public sector.

Some of the jobs include:

  • Policy Analyst,
  • Urban planner,
  • Non-profit manager,
  • Public administrator,
  • Programme manager,
  • Public finance analyst,
  • Public relations specialist,
  • Human resource manager,
  • Public health and safety manager and more.

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