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Public management  oversees the delivery of government services to the general public by utilising commercial and management strategies from the private sector. Enhancing customer service and optimising the efficacy and efficiency of government agencies are the two main objectives of sound public administration.

To ensure that the public is served by a government, public management is essential. It entails both the development and execution of the policies that support public services as well as their provision. It is the driving force behind a plethora of other public sector services, including the weekly trash collection, water delivery from your taps, roadway maintenance, and public safety. Both the public sector and the nonprofit sector use public management concepts.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) programme is especially intended for those who want to improve their management and leadership abilities with the ultimate goal of changing the world. A graduate of this programme is qualified to work as a specialist in their industry.

Why choose the PDPM? 

Obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management will supplement the knowledge you have gained from working in the public sector. Students will learn critical concepts in various public sector focus areas, as well as effective managerial, leadership, and problem-solving techniques. They will also learn how to analyse and put policy directives into practice.

The programme’s goal is to increase students’ knowledge of management so they can gain a comprehensive grasp of management theory and the skills needed to apply it to comprehend material, information, and capital flows as well as to deal with the difficulties encountered in management. 

So, is a PDPM worthwhile? Absolutely, all levels of government officials have access to this programme through Regenesys School of Public Management. Possessing a PDPM degree allows you to work in either the public or private sector.

Why study the PDPM with Regenesys? 

Investing the time to get a postgraduate diploma may enable you to explore a career change. While some students use their postgraduate degrees to start their careers in academics, others just desire to move to a different setting. 

Regenesys is one of the top business schools in South Africa and is accredited by the Council on Higher Education and the South African Qualifications and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, of 1997.

Regenesys uses an interactive teaching and learning methodology that encourages self-reflection and promotes independent and critical thinking. 

Key to our approach is an understanding of adult learning principles, which recognise the maturity and experience of participants, and the way that adult students need to learn.

Study mode choices

You can study your public management courses through distance learning, or through contact classes at our campus. Distance learning offers the added advantage of being:

  • More affordable
  • Without travel costs
  • Permits you to earn and learn at the same time.

Whether you study online or on campus, your classes will use interactive teaching and learning methods that encourage self-reflection and promote independent and critical thinking. The key to Regenesys’ approach is an understanding of adult learning principles, which recognise the maturity and experience of participants, and how you need to learn.

Transform Your Public Sector Career with a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management from Regenesys

Advantage of doing the PDPM

Graduates have extraordinary knowledge and abilities that enable them to get to the top. You’ll be competent and self-assured when dealing with challenging and new public sector situations. Gaining the abilities and information required to create and carry out policies, oversee initiatives, and enhance the quality of life for those in your community can be accomplished with a degree in public management.

The biggest benefit of PDPM is that it always looks to increase efficiency, which allows for increased internal stakeholder participation, flexibility, and responsibility while also emphasising service delivery issues. A PDPM degree holder is not limited to employment with government organisations. You can also create a career path that encompasses different businesses and government bodies. Graduates with a PDPM degree are qualified for a wide range of positions in the public sector, nonprofit, and private sectors. Employment as a manager, administrator, human resource manager, political analyst, public policy analyst, municipal manager, public administration consultant, city manager, development worker, and even a city mayor is all possible with a PDPM degree.


Q1: What is the focus of the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management?

It focuses on enhancing customer service, optimising government agency efficiency, and integrating private sector strategies into public administration.

Q2: Who should consider enrolling in the PDPM programme?

Individuals aiming to improve their management and leadership skills, and those seeking to make impactful changes in public administration.

Q3: What are the study modes available for the PDPM at Regenesys?

Students can opt for either distance learning or on-campus classes, both incorporating interactive and adult-centric teaching methodologies.

Q4: What are the career opportunities for PDPM graduates?

Graduates can pursue careers in public, nonprofit, and private sectors, including roles as administrators, policy analysts, municipal managers, and even city mayors.

Q5: What is the unique advantage of studying PDPM at Regenesys?

Regenesys is accredited and renowned for its interactive teaching approach, understanding of adult learning principles, and flexibility in study modes.

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