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A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is the most sought-after undergraduate course for any student who wants a head start in a career in management or entrepreneurship. You can enrol in it fresh out of matric, provided you have achieved a university exemption.

In this article:

  • Why a BBA?
  • Is a BBA a science or arts degree?
  • Benefits of a BBA qualification
  • Attributes you develop through a Regenesys BBA

Why a BBA?

What makes the BBA so popular is that it turns out market-ready graduates. BBA studies walk students through the core areas of business, from management, marketing, business law, human resource management, research, and strategy management to other key areas such as finance and economics. 

In addition you can take subjects that align with your personal interests – such as negotiation and conflict management, change management, project and operations management – as electives. 

Is a BBA a science or arts degree?

While management is said to be both a science and an art – and most practitioners will agree – a BBA  is neither a science nor an arts degree. It covers many aspects of business including statistics, organisational behaviour, accounting, planning, communication, ethics, and so on. 

The BBA curriculum encourages students to develop their analytical abilities, managerial skills, leadership skills and critical thinking abilities – all prized leadership skills. It also provides an environment in which students can discover their capabilities, consider opportunities, develop their decision-making skills and build confidence, and lays the groundwork for further studies – a postgraduate qualification, and later a master’s degree – if desired. 

Benefits of a BBA qualification

Because BBA graduates’ skills and knowledge are generalised and thus transferrable to many sectors and industries, they tend to find jobs more rapidly than graduates in highly specialised fields.

Other advantages conferred by this qualification include

  1. It permits you to start developing strong professional networks early
  2. It gives you an early career start compared with most other graduates
  3. You will emerge from it with managerial, analytical and entrepreneurial skills
  4. It provides early industry exposure
  5. It also provides enormous scope for future development
  6. Professionalism is inculcated in students from the start
  7. It lays strong foundations for anyone who aspires to go on to complete an MBA 

Bachelor of Business Administration


Attributes you develop through a Regenesys BBA

Should you study at Regenesys Business School, you will be encouraged in all classes to work on developing Regenesys’ Graduate Attributes. Selected by faculty over two years and refined to what is essential for students to succeed in business, these include: 

  • Thinking differently
      • To think differently, you must be intellectually curious, analytical, open-minded though constructively critical, with the mental agility to think across disciplines, contexts and domains to solve complex problems and find innovative ways to do things. Be imaginative but rational. We will systematically help you cultivate higher-order thinking – the kind of thinking that recognises and makes sense of patterns others miss, and that facilitates unique linkages and solutions.
  • Grounding decisions in evidence
      • Both well-informed and knowledgeable, you must be committed to sound research, taking a multidisciplinary and metacognitive approach to problem-solving, and able to recognise and put aside personal bias, basing decisions on evidence. This will prepare you to take calculated risks.
  • Leading consciously
      • This ties back to purpose. Purpose-driven, you put sustainability at the heart of your organisation. Emotionally and spiritually intelligent, you should be self-aware, understand the interconnectedness of all things, and act ethically and with integrity. As an ideal graduate, you will be a service-oriented agent of change.
  • Able to harness diversity
      • You will appreciate the value of individual differences. Socially intelligent, collaborative and a skilled communicator, you should be able to facilitate connections to build, empower and manage high-functioning teams with diverse skills and personalities, and support them in assuming responsibilities.
  • Professional comportment
      • With a confident and inspiring aura, you are utterly professional, yet accessible. Deliberate, determined, disciplined, and focused. You will model your values, and hold yourself accountable. You will have the resilience and grit to keep going in the face of adversity.
  • A glocal outlook
    • Your glocal outlook underpins your ability to operate and compete ethically and profitably as a responsible global citizen in a borderless world. Your multicultural awareness and wide-ranging interest in current affairs enable you to recognise and respond to local cultures and needs without losing sight of the global picture.

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PhD Senior Facilitator | Regenesys Business School Dr Biswas is an academician with 19 years of experience in industry and teaching. She has contributed blogs, articles, and research papers to various state-level, national and international journals. Her major interests are entrepreneurship, human resource management, organisational behaviour, and organisational development.

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