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So, what is your dream career? Do you aspire to serve your community, or your country as a whole? If that is your dream, your learning journey to the public service starts here, with this ideally structured entry-level programme. 


  •   Higher Certificate in Public Management details
  •   Public management course subjects
  •   What the Higher Certificate in Public Management fosters
  •   Public management course requirements
  •   A solid foundation for public service

Higher Certificate in Public Management details

Set at National Qualification Framework (NQF) Level 5 with 120 credits, and completed over 12 months, the Higher Certificate in Public Management (HCPM) is the bedrock of public service studies. 

This undergraduate programme offers a combination of theory and practice in public sector management. It is attuned to the multidisciplinary nature of public sector management, and designed to serve the three spheres of government, as well as state-owned entities and non-profit organisations.

At the heart of this programme is the how and why of ensuring efficiency and quality in public service organisations in order to improve public service delivery. The public service’s Batho Pele – “people first” – principles are embedded into each module to ensure that you emerge from the programme not simply with a sound grasp of public sector management, but also what is required from you, as an individual, to contribute to the running of South Africa as a true public servant.

South Africa is overburdened by corruption. We need well-qualified, effective, efficient, client-oriented public officials who are able to improve, manage and maintain the integrity of the public service. 

What the Higher Certificate in Public Management fosters

The Higher Certificate in Public Management programme prepares aspirant public servants to analyse the social, economic, political, and legal environment of public sector organisations and to become ethical leaders.

It will help you develop your leadership skills holistically, fostering your intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual intelligence, as well as equipping you with the hard skills required in the public sector. 

Public management course subjects

The public management courses you will cover in the Higher Certificate of Public Management programme include:

  • Public Human Resource Management
  • Public Project Management
  • Public Finance
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Public Performance Management
  • Quality and Customer Service Management

Through these modules you will learn to develop operational and project plans, as well as how to manage people, solve problems, and become aware of what is needed to make sound decisions. You should emerge with a good overview of public policy management principles and public finance requirements, among other things.

The practical exercises in your courses are designed to simulate management situations so that you can apply your new conceptual knowledge and practical skills in your work environment. These activities may include scenario analysis, self-reflection, problem-solving, making presentations, and planning tasks. Regenesys School of Public Management’s learning methodology will enhance your practical understanding of the public sector.

Public management course requirements

The public management course requirements for admission to this programme are:

  • An NQF level 4 (senior certificate) qualification, 


  • If you don’t have a senior certificate, but are 23 (or older) and have two years’ work experience, you may apply for admission through recognition of prior learning. Note that the number of admissions permitted on this basis are limited in accordance with Council on Higher Education regulations.

You must also:

  • Be proficient in reading and writing English, as this is Regenesys School of Public Management’s language of teaching, learning, and communication; and
  • Have access to the internet to get to your material, submit your assignments, and take part in tutoring sessions.

A solid foundation for public service

Are you ready to awaken your potential? Everything you need to succeed is within you, so take the leap – take the first step, and start your learning journey with a Higher Certificate in Public Management. It will give you a solid foundation for a career in the public service.

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Duke Sathekge

MBA, MPM, PDBM Academic Head – Undergraduate Programmes Regenesys School of Public Management

Author Duke Sathekge

MBA, MPM, PDBM Academic Head – Undergraduate Programmes Regenesys School of Public Management

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