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To be accepted on a doctoral programme by a university is a privilege and a huge opportunity.  The doctoral degree is the highest qualification one can achieve. It is not like other programmes in which you have to attend class and complete assignments! It is a pure research degree. Through this programme and the journey of doctorateness, you will gain skills and new ways of thinking that will enhance your career in business management or academia. A Doctorate of Business Management (DBM) will open doors that you could not have considered without a doctorate.


  • Benefits of having a doctorate in business management
  • What candidates need to do
  • How long does it take to get a doctorate in management?

Businesses, whether they are entrepreneurial ventures or massive corporations, contribute to the economy of a country and to a better life for all. They create employment opportunities and generate revenue, manufacturing and selling products to the market. All types of business must be managed to be successful, and all organisations face problems from time to time. Both these opportunities are the focus areas of the doctorate in business management.

Benefits of having a doctorate in business management

By studying a doctoral degree in business management, you become part of this exciting and important world of business, and you become a part of the economy in an innovative and transforming way. The focus of this programme is to identify a real management or management-related problem within an organisation, industry, or community, and to do research to find a solution to that problem. The solution that you propose must make a new contribution to either – or both – the practical and theoretical side of business management and or operations by adding to the existing body of knowledge.

The doctorate in business management at Regenesys Business School demands certain requirements and criteria be met. Firstly, it requires that a knowledge contribution must be made to the science of management. Secondly, the thesis must address a real problem that, once solved, will improve the organisation, business or community, as well as the world of knowledge. Thirdly, the problem should be investigated with valid and reliable scientific research methods. Normally this also requires knowledge of the core theories relevant to the problem environment. Finally, the DBM is a scholarly exercise, and as such it should not be pursued only to obtain a promotion in your job environment, but must be seen as an academic opportunity to gain knowledge and to contribute to the body of knowledge.

Doctorate of Business Management

What candidates need to do

All the above suggests that the ideal candidate will arrive at the programme having read a significant number of scientific articles on the topic (usually between 100 and 200 articles). 

They will have, by then, clearly identified the problem to be investigated, know the key researchers on the topic, and have a clear research question. The theories on which the research will be based are, of course, a final prerequisite.

How long does it take to get a doctorate in management?

Regenesys Business School will present support workshops in research methodology and the writing of the proposal and thesis. A supervisor will be allocated to act as a mentor and to guide the candidate through the process. This programme can be completed within three years, but a maximum of six years will be allowed. 

The real perk of the Doctorate of Business Management at Regenesys Business School is that it is fully online. You can thus do it from anywhere in the world. As long as you are connected, this opportunity can be yours!

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