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Operational efficiency rarely achieves the quintuple bottom line. At best it can improve profit, and then usually only in the short term. Yet most organisations in a downturn or post Covid-19 recovery are trying to improve efficiency. They seldom achieve their goal. 


  • The end game: long-term profitability
  • Appropriate business management courses
  • The lifelong journey

The end game: long-term profitability

Improving efficiency is a collective endeavour that must engage and address issues of people, planet, purpose – and importantly, the organisation’s ability to pivot – to improve long-term profitability. 

If you, as a mid-level manager, find yourself in this position, you will be better able to take care of these factors if you augment your experience with an appropriate qualification. 

The Higher Certificate in Business Management (HCBM) at Regenesys Business School is a one-year stand-alone qualification. In it we focus our collective effort on expanding your managerial repertoire, helping you take a strategic perspective on operational efficiency, and equipping you to engage with your board on how to take greater care of the quintuple bottom line while taking care of your organisation’s specific environmental, social, and governance requirements. More companies are realising that purpose-led organisations, which pay attention to these last three factors, are reaping rich dividends through the long-term perspective they require. 

Elements of the Quintuple Bottom Line

From a practical perspective, the HCBM will help you develop a range of sought-after business-related skills, that opening up a host of job opportunities. You will be able to tailor your core and elective subject choices, as well as the skills you develop, to fit jobs in:

  • Sales 
  • Customer service 
  • Marketing 
  • Human resources 
  • Office management
  • Project co-ordination
  • Business development 
  • Event planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Account management

Your qualification will also provide a stepping stone to further education, should you so wish.

Appropriate business management courses

Whatever you choose, we recognise that success at work can be influenced only with the help of emotional intelligence, and overall life with spiritual intelligence. Regenesys Business School has, since its inception, integrated emotional and spiritual intelligence into all appropriate business management courses not only to awaken your potential, but also to help you improve meaningful engagement with the ever-evolving environment.

Besides equipping you with operational, managerial, marketing and other essential tools, we work to help you develop Regenesys’ six graduate attributes, which will help you future-proof yourself as well as give you the edge to engage more meaningfully with your work environment.

Regenesys Graduate Attributes

To help you assimilate and apply the knowledge to which you will be exposed, we use scenarios, simulations and games in class, strengthening the process of deep learning.

The lifelong journey

And if you are one of the rarest who gave up learning to earn and enrich yourself with experience at an early stage of your life, it’s possible your past experience with extrinsically motivated education may still be a source of unpleasant memories. 

We at Regenesys Business School are passionate about you as a human being with unique potential simply waiting to be awakened. Most of us seek material (external) gains while ignoring the fact that true meaning of life (intrinsic, or internal gain) is achieved when we are in a flow state like that described by co-founder of the field of positive psychology Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi – a psychological state in which we are capable of optimal performance. And so much the better if we are paid to be in the flow in the way of the Japanese notion of ikigai, which gives us true happiness through awakening and loving the potential that is unique to each one of us. Ikigai is the Japanese word for “a reason to live”.

We at Regenesys provide an intrinsically applied qualification that will put you on a path of self-discovery and a lifelong journey of learning and happiness.

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Dr Nishikant Bohra

PhD, MBA, BSc Academic Head and Multicountry Manager Regenesys Business School

Author Dr Nishikant Bohra

PhD, MBA, BSc Academic Head and Multicountry Manager Regenesys Business School

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