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You are considering enrolling for a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). You’re ready to take your future by the horns and make a success of your career. You like the course content, but you are not sure about how wide the range of career opportunities that a BBA will open for you is. The Bachelor of Business Administration is an excellent undergraduate degree precisely because it offers a wide array of career options in many different industries.

What is a Bachelor of Business Administration degree?

A BBA is a three-year programme imparts a range of administrative, marketing and accounting skills, as well as how to work with a team and develop skills to manage a department, a business, or an organisation successfully.

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a globally revered qualification indicating that the holder has a thorough grounding in all aspects of business management and administration.

Getting your career off to a good start

Most entry-level positions in business or business management will require a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite, and a BBA is the most preferred option.

There are a variety of specialisations within a BBA, and the ones you choose will reflect your interests and your career aspirations.

The BBA degree specialisations you can elect to study include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Public Administration

Most BBA degrees offer courses in Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Economics Business Law, and Research Methodology. The programme may also include electives such as Change Management, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Information and Communication Technology, and Quality and Customer Relations Management. By now you should be able to see how this will give you a solid grounding in all facets of business administration.

Benefits of getting a business degree

You can do a BBA straight from school or you can do it part-time if you are already in employment. Holding a BBA can provide you with several advantages, including:

  • Employers will see you as someone with ambition
  • You will qualify for promotion in a shorter time
  • You will have a strong understanding of the techniques and practices of leadership
  • A degree is usually rewarded with a better salary.
  • A BBA is an excellent platform to launch other career options
  • A BBA graduate understands strategy


The starting salary for a BBA graduate is always going to be a function of the employer’s requirements, the state of the economy, and the profile of the applicant. As a rough guide, a BBA graduate can expect to start with a salary of between R 90,000 to R 130,000 per annum. But with experience and hard work, this can be as high as R 800,000 per annum.

Types of positions BBA graduates can hold

Typically, BBA graduates apply for positions such as the following:

  • Account Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Bookkeeper
  • Brand Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Human Resources (HR) Administrator
  • Human Resources (HR) Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Office Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Sales Consultant

As you can see, the range of positions covers a wide spectrum, demonstrating the value and versatility of the qualification. For graduates with a few years of work experience, the options open exponentially.

How to choose an Institution for a BBA

Many institutions offer a BBA degree, so prospective students should shop around to find one that’s right for them. Here are some criteria for you bear in mind:

  • History

Choose an institution that has been around for a while and has a track record of performance.

  • Accreditation

Check out the formal national accreditation of the institution you are considering. Are its programmes accredited by the national authority for degree programmes [in South Africa, this is the Council on Higher Education]?

  • Contact and online learning

Does the institution offer both contact and online learning? Many people with full-time jobs prefer to study online so that they can study at times and at a pace convenient to them.

  • Quality of the faculty

Evaluate the lecturers on the programme. Have they had business experience? A BBA is all about practical business experience, and you want to be taught by people who have had successes in the business world.

  • Student support

What sort of student support does the institution offer? This includes physical and online libraries to student wellness support. Does the institution have a strong student tutoring programme?

  • Website

Look at the institution’s website. Is it just a bare description of the course on offer or do they offer useful business articles and work insights?

  • Reputation

Assess the reputation of the institution. You can go online and see social media comments about the organisation. Remember, one or two negative comments don’t mean the institution is not worthy. It may just be a disgruntled student letting off steam.

  • Student loans

Better academic institutions usually offer student loans. A BBA degree is a large financial commitment, and you want to be with a supportive institution that provides a loan at a competitive rate.

Tips to successfully complete a BBA

When you finally take the plunge and sign up for that life-changing BBA qualification, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your studies.

  • Read as much as you can

Keep up to date with current events, read widely about your subjects, view relevant online videos, and immerse yourself in learning. All the top leaders read widely and frequently. Make it a lifelong habit.

  • Participate

Being a student is not just about sitting alone with your books. Don’t ignore your friends. Go out and have fun but remember to return to your studies. Getting out and about refreshes your perspective and helps you step back from the complex concepts you are mastering

  • Network

Build a network of influential people working in the area you’d like your career to go in by, for example, attending public lectures or online webinars. Reach out to friends, or friends of friends, who may be willing to share their expertise with you.

  • Make time for your hobbies

Studying a BBA is not a prison sentence. Your hobbies, sports and interests add depth to who you are.

  • Plan for the long term

As you study you will gain new insights about yourself and the future you want to create. Make notes about what you want to do in the medium and longer-term future. Strategy is not just for the organisation to work for. You should also have a strategy for your life.

  • Take risks

The beautiful thing about being a student is that you can take risks with your new-found knowledge in a safe environment. Anything outside your comfort zone is a risk. Introduce yourself to people who have very different views from you. Push your boundaries, because this can find you in unexpected and positive places, academically or otherwise. By doing so, you will be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking.

  • Be Yourself

As a student, you will be exposed to new environments and some exciting. However, don’t compare yourself with others and simply do things that may not interest you or support your goals. Remember that each person has their journey and is unique in their ways. Always make sure you are authentic to yourself.

To conclude, signing up for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree may be one of the wisent career choices you can make. Many, many students have preceded you on that journey and have carved out remarkable careers for themselves and their families. The same adventure awaits you.

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