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A Doctorate of Business Management (DBM) is a terminal degree – the highest degree you can earn – that will prepare you for advanced research and scholarship in the field of business management.


  • What is a Doctorate of Business Management?
  • Who qualifies to do a doctorate in business management? 
  • 5 reasons earning a doctorate in business is worth it
  • Weighing the cost of a doctorate in business management against the benefits

What is a Doctorate of Business Management?

Candidates for the Doctorate of Business Management (DBM) are expected to do authentic, significant research in a designated field of business management, and to defend their findings in a dissertation as part of the programme’s culminating requirements. They are also required to publish their findings in journals approved by the Department of Higher Education.

Various public and private universities in South Africa facilitate doctoral programmes in business. Completion time for these programmes ranges from three to six years. 

Who qualifies to do a doctorate in business management?

The doctorate in business management is designed for those who have already earned a master’s degree in business or a related field and seek to deepen their understanding of business management theory and practice. 

This programme hones candidates’ advanced knowledge and expertise in areas like finance, marketing, accounting, human resources, and entrepreneurship to the levels they need to assume leadership roles in academia, industry, and government. 

A master’s degree in business management or a similar discipline is usually a prerequisite for enrolling in this programme. Some schools may consider applicants with a bachelor’s degree plus substantial professional experience in business. 

That said, most South African Doctorate of Business Management programmes require applicants to have relevant work experience in business or management in addition to meeting academic criteria. This is because the programme’s goal is to provide students with the advanced knowledge and expert skills necessary to assume leadership roles in academia, industry, and government. 

It’s worth noting that DBM applicants should be well-rounded individuals with excellent analytical, research, and communication skills because of the extensive amount of independent study and scholarly writing required by the programme. They should also be eager to learn new things and to make a difference in the corporate world through their studies and research.

who qualifies to do a doctorate in business management

5 reasons earning a doctorate in business is worth it

Here are the top five reasons earning a doctorate in business is worthwhile:

  1. Career development: Earning a DBM can help you improve your career in a variety of sectors, including teaching, research, consulting, government, and private business. Many graduates go on to achieve executive management roles or earn tenure as university professors.
  2. Expertise and specialisation: Doctorate of Business Management programmes allow students to focus on a subfield of business administration like finance, marketing, operations, or entrepreneurship. DBM grads know everything about cutting-edge research and practice in their fields!
  3. Research skills: DBM programmes emphasise research and analytical ability, equipping graduates to assess complex business challenges critically and to create novel solutions. In today’s corporate world the ability to analyse data and make decisions based on solid evidence is more valuable than ever.
  4. Personal growth and development: A doctorate in business is arduous academically, and calls for a high level of personal commitment, determination, and a great work ethic. Students pursuing this programme emerge from it with valuable skills including self-discipline, time management, and dedicated to continuous education.
  5. Industry collaboration and networking: Opportunities to network with other students, professors, and experts in the field are a key benefit of DBM programmes. Most graduates continue to draw on these relationships throughout their careers through networking, collaboration, and mentorship.

Weighing the cost of a doctorate in business management against the benefits

A doctoral degree can provide numerous opportunities for professional development, specialisation, research, growth, career development, and networking. 

A word of caution, though: the cost of a doctorate in business must be measured in hours as well as in cash, so before committing to the extensive time, money and stamina required to earn the degree, weigh the benefits against the costs. 

Interested? Read more about Regenesys Business School’s Doctorate of Business Management programme here.

Wishing you a great career and lots of success. Happy learning!

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DBM, MBA Senior Facilitator | Regenesys Business School Dr Yadav worked in education technology before joining Regenesys. Currently studying HR analytics tools and techniques, her expertise encompasses management of diversity, inclusion, change and conflict, as well as organisational culture and leadership. She is passionate about developing human centricity, emotional quotient, change adaptability and technology resiliency in businesses. Actively involved in research, she has published articles at home and abroad, and recently published a patent for an AI-based device that tracks employee onboarding experience.

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