Globalisation's Effect on South African Public Management

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The impact of globalisation on public management in South Africa has been significant, with various implications for higher learning institutions, including public schools that offer higher education. Here are some key aspects to consider regarding the role of public schools in higher learning and the impact of globalisation. 


  • Diversification of Education Policies
  • Internationalisation of Higher Education
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  • Technology Integration and E-Learning
  • Cultural Exchange and Diversity
  • Global Collaboration and Research Networks
  • Student Mobility and Exchange Programmes
  • Economic Challenges and Funding Pressures
  • Skill Development for a Global Workforce
  • Global Citizenship Education
  • Language of Instruction and Internationalisation
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While globalisation offers opportunities, it also poses challenges, particularly in addressing educational inequality and ensuring access for all. Public schools that offer Higher education in South Africa face the task of creating inclusive and equitable educational opportunities in the face of global pressures.

Diversification of Education Policies

Globalisation has led to the exchange of ideas and best practices in higher education policies. Public schools in South Africa offering higher learning programmes have adapted to global trends, diversifying their policies to align with international standards.

Internationalisation of Higher Education

Public schools in South Africa have embraced the internationalisation of higher education. This involves initiatives such as student exchange programmes, collaborative research projects with international institutions, and the recruitment of faculty members from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Globalisation has increased the emphasis on quality assurance and accreditation in higher education. Public schools play a crucial role in aligning their programmes with global standards to ensure that degrees and qualifications are recognised internationally.

Technological Integration and E-Learning

The globalised nature of information and communication technologies has influenced higher education delivery. Public schools in South Africa have integrated technology into higher learning, offering online courses, e-learning platforms, and other digital tools to enhance accessibility and global connectivity. Regenesys has integrated E-learning in the form of Online learning, whereby students across the globe can study at the institution conveniently wherever they are. 

Globalisation has accelerated the adoption of technology in public management. South Africa has seen the integration of digital systems in areas such as e-governance, data management, and public service delivery. Public managers need to adapt to these technological changes for efficient service provision.

Cultural Exchange and Diversity

Higher learning institutions in South Africa are experiencing increased cultural diversity due to globalisation. Public schools are fostering environments that embrace multiculturalism, providing students with a global perspective and preparing them for an interconnected world.

Global Collaboration and Research Networks

Public schools in South Africa are actively engaging in global collaboration and research networks. This involves partnerships with international universities, joint research projects, and participation in global academic conferences, contributing to the global knowledge base.

Student Mobility and Exchange Programmes

Globalisation has facilitated the movement of students across borders. Public schools in South Africa are participating in student exchange programmes, allowing students to gain international exposure, broaden their perspectives, and contribute to a global academic community.

Economic Challenges and Funding Pressures

Global economic trends influence the funding landscape for higher education. Public schools in South Africa must navigate economic challenges to ensure adequate funding for quality education, research, and infrastructure development.

Skill Development for a Global Workforce

Globalisation has shifted the focus of higher education towards equipping students with skills that are relevant to a globalised workforce. Public schools play a crucial role in designing curricula that address the evolving needs of the global job market.

Global Citizenship Education

Public schools in South Africa are incorporating global citizenship education into their programmes. This involves instilling values of global awareness, intercultural understanding, and social responsibility in students.

Language of Instruction and Internationalisation

The language of instruction in higher learning institutions is a consideration influenced by globalisation. Public schools may offer programmes in multiple languages to cater to diverse student populations and enhance global accessibility.

Shaping Global Minds: South Africa's Public Schools in the Era of Globalisation


1) How has globalisation affected public management in South African schools?

Globalisation has led to diversified education policies, technological integration, and a focus on quality assurance and accreditation in South African public schools.

2) What are the key aspects of globalisation’s impact on higher learning in South Africa?

Key aspects include internationalisation of education, cultural exchange, global collaboration, student mobility, and addressing economic challenges in funding.

3) How are public schools in South Africa adapting to global trends?

South African public schools are integrating technology, participating in international research networks, and developing curricula for a global workforce.

4) What challenges do South African public schools face due to globalisation

Challenges include educational inequality, ensuring access to quality education, and navigating economic pressures for adequate funding.

5) What role does Regenesys Business School play in globalised education

Regenesys contributes to global education by offering online learning, fostering cultural diversity, and preparing students with a “Glocal Outlook” for an interconnected world.


In summary, the impact of globalisation on public management in South Africa’s public schools offering higher learning is evident in policies, cultural dynamics, collaboration efforts, and the evolving nature of education delivery. Public schools such as Regenesys Business school play a vital role in preparing students for a globalised world, fostering international collaboration, and contributing to the global knowledge economy. The challenges and opportunities presented by globalisation require strategic management and adaptation within higher education institutions to ensure continued relevance and excellence, Regenesys Business School is the pinnacle of success in this regard. Regenesys has committed, as part of its graduate attributes to produce graduates that have a “Glocal Outlook” meaning that they are adoptable to the ever-changing environment, they are multiculturally aware, and that they operate in a borderless world.

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