business management

Whatever style of leadership you use, it is your team that will get the work done. And no matter how well we set inspiring goals, or how well we coach and guide, we also have to motivate our teams; to reconfirm the connection between who they are and the organisation they work for. In essence,
We have been doing the ‘Covid Thing’ for over a year now. Working from home and digital meeting platforms have become a way of life for all of us. And by and large, we have been successful, our organisations continue to function and the work still gets done. But there is something missing. We miss
It is an understatement to say that we live in a rapidly evolving society. The 4th Industrial Revolution and the advent of 5IR have changed all the accepted ways of understanding the world. And nowhere is this more so than in the art and practice of leadership. The rapid changes in technology have made the