BBA Degree: A Pathway to a Promising Future After Graduation

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“Change is the only constant thing in the world” 

 Confused, why am I talking about changing yourself? As the industry changes, so does it’s need and so do the people working in them. Now a days, all employers want their employees to be work ready. For that we require some professional knowledge to compete in the world. From where we can get that quality in “US”. Off course by upgrading our knowledge.  

 So, you are ready to learn, you have made up your mind to do graduation, then, there are lots and lots of options available. Still, why should one choose BBA over other qualifications provided by several esteemed universities. This is the very first question that arises in everyone’s mind. Ok, then let’s try to find solutions to all such questions we have in our mind. 

 It doesn’t matter what role you will play or which industry you will be in, it has been proven by research that most of the work will be upgraded in the coming days. We have to prepare ourselves accordingly. 

 What is BBA 

 BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is the most qualitative and liked course after completing grade 12. It is a three-year professional degree course. In BBA, students get knowledge about the skills required for working in management and leadership roles.  

Through in-class lectures and internship during the BBA course, students learn about real life examples in the form of case studies and get the chance to live in the real working world. With the help of this course, students get knowledge about Business Administration, Market, Trends in management etc. 

Top 5 BBA Specializations offered are 

  • BBA Finance. 
  • BBA Human Resource. 
  • BBA International Business. 
  • BBA Tourism. 
  • BBA Marketing. 

 Different types of BBA are BBA – Full time, BBA – Part time and Online BBA. 

 Why BBA 

 BBA is not just a degree course, it makes you work ready, because during this course, you get the information regarding all the required management skills and trainings. BBAs typically give the most thorough management education and the knowledge, that is most current and useful. It should come as no surprise that you can pursue a BBA degree in majority of nations that draw a substantial number of international students, given the tremendous popularity of business studies. 

 Can we get Job after BBA 

 It has lots and lots of scope, when it comes to careers. The ability to start your career early is one of the key advantages of having a BBA degree. The goal of the BBA degree programme is to assist motivated students in preparing for a successful, early career in management. You will have the opportunity to get all the essential skills needed to work in the management business, into practise, through the BBA programme. You will have the chance to work in significant roles with diverse management responsibilities, after completing the course. After completing a BBA course, the easiest and most popular employment path for a student is typically in the sector of finance, marketing, human resources, and operations. Below are some examples of entry level opportunities available for students after completing BBA. 

  • Career in Finance – Banking, Financial services and Investments 
  • Career in Marketing – Marketing, Sales and Advertising 
  • Career in Human Resource – Recruitment, Staffing and Payroll 

Top Courses after BBA 

 Let’s learn about the top courses to take after BBA, now that we have covered all the essentials. The above diagram shows some of the courses which one can opt after doing BBA like MBA, PGDM, Event Management, Chartered Accountancy, Hotel Management, Company Secretary, International Finance and many more. So, we can say that BBA lays a good foundation for a successful path. 

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FAQ Section:

Q1: What is BBA?

A1: BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a three-year undergraduate degree course that provides knowledge and skills in management and leadership roles.

Q2: Why should I choose BBA?

A2: BBA is a comprehensive course that prepares you for the business world by providing management education and practical experience through internships. It opens up various career opportunities in different sectors.

Q3: Can I get a job after completing BBA?

A3: Yes, BBA graduates have a wide range of career options in finance, marketing, human resources, and operations. Entry-level positions are available in banking, financial services, marketing, sales, advertising, recruitment, and staffing.

Q4: What are the top courses to pursue after BBA?

A4: After completing BBA, you can pursue further studies like MBA, PGDM, Event Management, Chartered Accountancy, Hotel Management, Company Secretary, and International Finance, among others.

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Dr. Deepika Sharma is working as Senior Facilitator in Regenesys Business School in the field of Marketing Management, Business Research and Digital Marketing. She has completed over 9 years in academics and education field. Prior to academics, she has worked as a Software Engineer in Patni Computer Systems Ltd. She has published research articles at National and International level. She has attended various National and International Conferences and FDP programs.

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