Service SETA Bursary:how to apply for it & closing date

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Students in South Africa are continuously looking to improve their skills and pursue further education. However, as higher education costs are high, only some students can continue their studies. Bursaries are one more option for students to continue their studies without worrying about the cost of higher education. There are several bursaries available that can help students complete their education.

Various organisations offer these funding opportunities, including the government, private companies, and non-profit organisations. Bursaries typically cover a significant portion or the entirety of tuition fees, accommodation, and other related expenses, enabling students who would otherwise be unable to afford higher education to pursue their academic goals. In addition to financial support, bursaries often include mentorship programmes, internships, and employment guarantees upon graduation. Therefore, among the bursaries, there are Service SETA bursaries. Explore its requirements, how to apply for it & what the asset bursary monthly allowance is.

What is Service Seta Bursary 2024?

The Service Sector Education and Training Authority (Service SETA) bursary 2024 is a financial aid programme that was established to support South African students pursuing education in fields related to the service sector. The Service SETA goal is to address the skills shortage in the sector by providing financial assistance to deserving students based on academic excellence & financial need. The Service SETA bursary covers several expenses.

This bursary is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students at accredited South African universities. The Service SETA Bursaries support several mainstream fields. You can also explore undergraduate bursaries from here

service seta bursary 2024

Service SETA  Bursary Requirement for Applicants

The Services SETA Bursary has several requirements for the applicants: to ensure the aid is provided to those most deserving and can meet the criteria for the supporting services sector. Here are the general requirements for the applicants:

For Unemployed Candidates:

  • Applicants must be South African citizens with a valid South African ID.
  • The age range for candidates should be between 18 and 35 years old
  • Candidate must currently be unemployed
  • In the academic results, a minimum overall average of 50%
  • The total household income must be less than R600 000 per annum
  • Intend on studying towards an NQF level 5 qualification (or above) 
  • Studying a full-time programme at a public tertiary institute (University/ University of Technology/ TVET College) in South Africa

For the employee candidates:

  • Applicants must be South African citizens with a valid South African ID.
  • Should be currently employed
  • Have a total household income of R600 000 per annum
  • Studying towards a NQF level 5 qualification 
  • Studying full-time or part-time at a public tertiary institute (University/ University of Technology/ TVET College) in South Africa

The candidate should be aware of this bursary’s requirements and of the different programmes that it can support are as follows:

  • Project Management
  • Waste Management Cleaning
  • Dermatology & related
  • Cosmetic developments
  • Real Estate & Property Development
  • Business Management /Administration
  • Economics
  • Social Sciences
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and or SMME development
  • Media & Communications

How is the Service SETA Bursary Online Application?

To apply for the Service SETA bursary online application, you must first download the form, read all the required documents, and apply accordingly. Some of the documents are as follows:

  • A certified copy of your South African ID.
  • Academic transcripts and latest results.
  • Proof of registration or acceptance at a tertiary institution.
  • Proof of household income (pay slips, affidavits, etc.).
  • Any other documents specified in the bursary guidelines.

Please review your application to ensure all information is correct and all required documents are uploaded. Then, submit your application before the closing date. Some of the tips for bursary  letter you can check out here

What is the Service SETA Bursary Monthly Allowance?

The monthly allowance is designed to support students’ day-to-day living costs while they focus on their studies. The exact amount can vary, but bursaries from organisations similar to other organisations Service SETA typically offer allowances ranging from ZAR 1,500 to ZAR 3,000 per month. This amount helps ensure that students can afford basic living costs without needing to work part-time, which could interfere with their academic performance.

For precise details on the Service SETA Bursary monthly allowance for the current year, it’s recommended to check the official website or contact their bursary office directly. The information provided in the bursary guidelines or application form will offer the most accurate and up-to-date details on what the Service SETA bursary covers and the amount of the monthly allowance.

Some of the benefits that candidates can get from Service SETA Bursary are as follows.

  • Enhanced skills and knowledge of students in their chosen field
  • Increased employability and career prospects for students
  • Funding tuition fees and study material, i.e.books
  • Access to quality education for students and training from public tertiary institutions in South Africa

Other than this, the monthly allowance of the Service SETA Bursary supports day-to-day living costs. The exact amount can vary, but the bursaries vary from organisation to organisation. This amount helps ensure that students can afford basic living costs without needing to work extra hours, which could interfere with their academic performance.

What is the Service SETA Bursary Closing Date? 

The closing date of Service SETA for this year was 08 January 2024, and the upcoming closing date for the next year will be updated on the Service SETA official website. You can research & make your application for the upcoming Service SETA bursary.


The Services SETA bursary provides vital support for South African students aspiring to further their education in fields related to the services sector. By offering financial support covering tuition fees, study materials, accommodation, and living expenses, the bursary helps overcome the economic barriers that often impede academic progress. This initiative promotes access to higher education and addresses the skills shortage in critical service industries, thereby fostering a more competent and diverse workforce.

The Services SETA bursary ensures that the most deserving students receive the support they need to succeed through specific selection criteria that emphasise academic excellence, financial need, and personal motivation. Including potential work-back requirements or service obligations further strengthens the connection between education and industry, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to contribute meaningfully to South Africa’s economic development. You can explore different programme for bursaries, connect with career counselling department at Regenesys. Know More!

Service Seta Bursary 2024 – Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do Existing bursars re-apply when bursaries are advertised?

No, continuing funding is dependent on the bursar’s academic progress

You re-apply if you completed and wish to continue in a different institution

and pursue a different qualification

2) If I am dropped due to poor performance, can I be re-admitted if my performance improves?

Yes, in the next window, students can apply to be readmitted; this is possible 

at the Services SETA’s discretion and subject to availability of funds.

3) How do I apply for a Service SETA bursary?

Applications for Service SETA bursaries are typically open annually and can be submitted through their website or by contacting their regional offices. The application process usually requires academic transcripts, proof of financial need, and other supporting documents.

4) How do I get notified if I am awarded the bursary?

If you are one of the successful applicants, you will usually get notified via email or a formal letter. The notification will include details about the bursary award, terms and conditions, and any further steps required to accept the bursary. 

5) What are the contact details for bursaries?

The contact details of the Service SETA bursary are via email: 

Or by the telephone number is 011 276 9600 (ext. 9644, 6163) or 011 694 8600

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