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Longevity – the ‘average’ lifespan expected under ideal conditions… my goodness, what a statement right? We have discussed a variety of wellness topics which continuously ask that we make decisions to stay healthy and focus on our happiness within the pillars of wellness: better health, better fitness, better nutrition, better appearance (skincare and supplements), better sleep and better mindfulness. 

Hollywood and science fiction have us mesmerised with the possibility of extensive lives through ‘futuristic’ technologies. But, just how far in the distant future are these options for us? Future strategies – which are not that far from us – include practices like:

  • Cryonics – the business of cryopreservation or freezing bodies until the future could provide a cure
  • Gene therapy – a technique to alter a person’s genes to treat or cure a disease
  • Cloning and body part replacement
  • Cell replacement therapy – the replacement of human cells to repair damaged tissue or cells
  • Strategies for engineered negligible senescence (SENS) – therapeutic interventions to reverse the effects of ageing
  • Digital immortality through mind uploading

All of the above practices are being studied currently and progress towards application is moving fast…

According to a study by Deloitte, “By 2040, health care as we know it today will no longer exist.” They posit that health care will fall into three distinct categories: (1) data and platforms; (2) well-being and care delivery; and (3) care enablement. 

Data and platforms refer to the foundational infrastructure that will form the backbone of the health ecosystem. Care delivery and well-being refer to care facilities and health communities and care enablement include the financers, regulators and connectors that will make the system work. 

However, as these are projected future options for us, health care and making better choices still stay at the core of longevity. Research has shown that genes only determine 30% of our life expectancy but the rest still rely on our behaviour, attitude and environment. How do we maximise our longevity – here is a list to consider.

Exercise regularly

Yep, there is no way around this one – exercise and keeping active is the cornerstone of good health. 

Increased vegetable intake 

No matter which way you look – increasing your vegetable intake is the way to go. 

Intermittent fasting

According to studies (and yes, it was done on mice and other species), fasting has shown a significant increase in life expectancy. 

Get enough sleep

Basic, basic, basic. Allow yourself the luxury of a good night’s rest. 

Manage your stress

Allowing stress to become part of your life promotes unhealthy behaviours (like overeating or drinking), has a negative influence on your mental well-being and could cause serious health issues if not controlled.

Cultivate your relationships

Spend time with the people that add value to your life. Love those you love and spend time with them. 

Keep your brain active

Keep on keeping on… do maths games and trivia tests. Download apps that allow you to think outside the box. Keep your grey matter active and working!

Find joy

Find things that make you happy and take time to enjoy those. Make time for joy and happiness, work towards it and strive to reach it.

Everything in moderation

Use alcohol in moderation and don’t smoke or use tobacco.

Be good to yourself

Seek peace and be at ease with yourself. Find what you can solve and solve it. Don’t procrastinate – just do it. Be gentle and find forgiveness – for yourself. And prioritise your happiness.

Stay focussed

Stay disciplined, organised and goal-oriented. Keep the focus and stay the course.

We have all experienced the effect of feeling vulnerable during the pandemic and maybe you allowed yourself to re-focus on yourself. Keep the basics right and maybe, just maybe, we will still be living a happy life to witness the future of healthcare!

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