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Are you an aspiring student pursuing higher studies and needing to catch up due to financial issues? Well, look no further. LGSETA Bursary, South Africa, assists students with their higher education by providing complete funding assistance.

In this article, we will learn in detail about this bursary, its requirements, allowances, online application, and more.

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What is LGSETA Bursary?

LGSETA – Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority. It is an executive structure of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and one of the 21 SETAs in South Africa.

LGSETA Bursary is a funding organisation categorised under the Discretionary Grants programme. It supports the organisation’s annual performance and strategic plan goals. LGSETA provides financial assistance to unemployed or aspiring students interested in local government sectors. This bursary is mainly provided for students who are willing to continue their higher education within the fields related to the SPOI, which include:

  • Information Technology
  • Masters in Disaster Management
  • Public Management (N4, N5 & N6)
  • Master of Engineering Management
  • Financial Management (N4, N5 & N6)
  • Advanced Diploma in Public Accountability
  • Honours/ Bachelor/ Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering (N4, N5 & N6),
  • Advanced Diploma/ Postgraduate Diploma in Town and Regional Planning/ Urban and Regional Planning.
  • Honours/ Bachelor/ Post Graduate Diploma in Town and Regional Planning/ Urban and Regional Planning.
  • Advanced Diploma/ Honours/ Bachelor in Public Administration/ Public Administration and Management/ Adaptive Leadership.
  • Honours/ Bachelors in Computer Science/ Computer Science and Information Systems/ Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • Masters in City/ Regional Planning/ City Planning and Urban Design/ Urban and Regional Planning/ Town and Regional Planning/ Development Planning.
  • Honours/ Advanced Diploma/ Bachelor in Information Technology related/ Information Technology in Support Services/ Information Technology Management.
  • Advanced Diploma/ Bachelor in Supply Chain Management/ Logistics and Supply Chain/ Supply Chain and Operations Management/ Public Procurement Management/ Public Procurement Policy and Regulation.
  • Diploma/ Bachelor in Civil Engineering (N4, N5 & N6), Civil Engineering Technologist and with other specialisations including Environmental, Construction Management, Water, Transport, and Urban Engineering.
  • Honours/ Advanced Diploma/ Bachelor in Environmental Management/ Environmental Science in Disaster Risk Reduction/ Environmental Planning and Development/ Environmental Science/ Environmental Engineering/ Environmental Health.
  • Accounting and other branches of Accounting, including Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Accounting Science and more.

What Does the LGSETA Bursary Cover?

With the primary goal, LGSETA provides full-time financial assistance to those students who have enroled at Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) recognised institutions and are pursuing qualifications aligned with the SPOI- Sector Priority Occupations and Interventions.

LGSETA Bursary monthly allowance includes tuition fees, study material, the prescribed textbooks, food, accommodation and other allowances. The financial support provided by this bursary gain varies with the study level.

  • Students enroled in the TVET College will receive a maximum bursary of R100,000 per year.
  • Students enroled in the University of Technology will receive a maximum bursary of R 70,000 per year.

*Note: These are the maximum awards or funds this bursary provides. The amount may vary depending on several factors, such as the applicant’s academic records and available funds.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for LGSETA Bursary?

According to the records, this bursary is available only for the first 350 applications. The application number may vary depending on the available funds and SETA Target. In 2022-23, more than 500 bursaries were awarded.

Applicants applying for the LGSETA Bursary 2024 must meet the requirements for eligibility. In South Africa, a few standard prerequisites for receiving a bursary are as follows:

  • Applicant must be a citizen,
  • Applicant must be Unemployed,
  • Applicant must have a permanent residence status,
  • Applicant must matric / Grade 12 pass and intend to enrol in higher learning institutions, including TVET Colleges (NATED Programmes) or University of Technology students.
  • Applicants should be registered for a full-time degree/programme related to the local government sector.
  • LGSETA will only provide the bursary for those students whose studies align with the SPOI (sector priority occupations and interventions)
  • LGSETA will only provide the bursary to applicants enroled from DHET-recognised institutions.

Steps-by-Step Guide for LGSETA Bursary Online Application

Applying for this bursary is very simple. Here is the detailed step-by-step procedure you need to follow:

Step 1: Visit the official website of LGSETA Bursary.

Step 2: Register or login if you already have a username and password.

Step 3: Select the bursary window banner on the home page and navigate to the online application.

Step 4: Read the application form carefully before filling in the required information. For any queries, applicants can check for the guidelines available on the website.

Step 5: Once you submit your application, keep track of your application by checking your mailbox for confirmation.

After successfully submitting the application form and the required scanned documents before the closing date, applicants can access the list of qualifications that will be funded for the bursary on the LGSETA website.

Documents Required for the Bursary Application Process in 2024

Applicants must upload some essential documents along with the application forms. These documents typically include:

  • Applicant’s ID proof,
  • A proof of residence,
  • A motivational letter,
  • Proof of unemployment
  • A complete academic record,
  • Parents/ guardians ID documents,
  • A matric or class 12 pass certificate,
  • ID proofs of other household members,
  • Proof of income – latest payslips or employment letter.

*Note: All the documents mentioned above should be certified.

What is LGSETA Bursary’s Closing Date For Applications?

Applications for the bursary 2024 will be closed by November 2024 at 23:59 PM.

Applications received after the mentioned closing dates will not be considered. Applicants for the bursary 2024 can visit the website and check for the application cycle or subscribe to receive notifications on bursary 2024 updates.

Note: The LGSETA bursary closing dates change annually and may differ depending on the specific bursary programme or field of study. Accordingly, the applicant must confirm that they check the official website regularly to confirm the closing date for the 2024 application cycle.

LGSETA Bursary


LGSETA delivers an environment to facilitate the training and empowerment of the skills of various employees, individuals involved in local government structures, and unemployed South Africans. This Bursary provides complete financial support for aspiring students. It allows students to focus on their higher studies and, upon graduation, make a valuable contribution to the country’s government.

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Frequently Asked Questions: LGSETA Bursary 2024

What is the LGSETA bursary monthly allowance?

This bursary provides complete financial assistance covering tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation, transport, food and other living allowances.

Are there any age restrictions for applying for this bursary?

As per the eligibility criteria on the official website, there are no age restrictions for applying for this bursary.

What is the closing date for submitting application forms?

The LGSETA bursary closing date for submitting the application forms is in November 2024, but this date may vary each year.

Will I receive any notification regarding the confirmation of the bursary?

Yes. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within three months of the application deadline.  If you are still waiting to receive feedback by this time, please regard your application as unsuccessful.

When will the application procedure begin for the next academic year?

The date may for the application procedure for LGSETA vary every year. Check the website regularly for new notifications and updates.

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