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A Bachelor’s degree like BBA is specially designed and developed to make undergraduate students to better understand and integrate with different business management functions. These are essential to manage and run a business successfully.

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  • What is BBA?
  • Why BBA?
  • BBA is easy or difficult?
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What is BBA?

Following your 12th grade, you can enrol in a highly popular course called the Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA. If you want to improve and grow your career in business and management, this is the most sought-after undergraduate course.

Why BBA?

Prior to enrolling in a BBA programme (Bachelor of Business Administration), you must clearly understand why you should do so after meeting the requirements. For you, it is far more crucial to have a distinct idea than to blindly follow the herd and enrol in BBA. It is true that a lot of individuals, just like you, choose to pursue a BBA after finishing their high school coursework. It might not be the best method to follow the bulk, though. You must thus comprehend how and why a BBA may be the best professional choice for you following the completion of your upper school coursework.

After completing your high school education, you can enrol in the BBA programme. This is a suitable choice for students who have opted for Science, Commerce, and Arts (Humanities) as their 12th-grade subjects. The BBA degree can be the perfect fit for you if your goal is to start your own business or work in management in the future.

You can select the professional course that is best suited for your future in order to improve your employment possibilities and your prospects for the future. And one professional course that many students, including you and your guardians, rely on the most is the BBA. You will acquire and hone a variety of managerial abilities during the BBA programme, preparing you to work as a manager, leader, or entrepreneur in the future. The BBA programme covers all of the fundamental disciplines of management, including finance, human resources, economics, and marketing, sales, and strategy management.

Is BBA Easy or Difficult?

“Easy” and “difficult” are non-existent concepts. It concerns our personal conception and viewpoint of how we interpret a specific object. The BBA course is no exception. This programme is designed with a variety of courses that support the development of your managerial, analytical, leadership, and critical thinking skills—all of which are crucial for taking on management roles or launching your own businesses in the future.

It is important for you to comprehend that a BBA is not a science degree nor an arts degree. Rather, it is a course that offers a wide range of subjects, such as Economics, Principles of Management, Statistics, Organisational Behaviour, Business Studies, Accounting, Communication, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Business Ethics, and so on. In light of the subjects covered in the curriculum, you are being prepared to become a manager or an entrepreneur in the future by taking this course.

The Bachelor of Business Administration is an extremely engaging degree that offers you the opportunity to study a variety of areas that call for various skill sets. Through this program, you will learn a variety of managerial abilities that will aid you in your future endeavours as a manager and business owner. As you are able to understand the knowledge and skills that will be provided through lectures, demonstrations, case study sessions, and interactive discussions, you will notice changes in yourself throughout the programme. You will gain knowledge of managing decision-making, handling clients, and handling difficult situations. Your personality will change as a result of all of these.

As a student, you view BBA as neither simple nor difficult; instead, you are encouraged to concentrate on the curriculum’s engaging and demanding sections. You have very little access to classes that are centred on your overall growth and development. A course like BBA can help you build your managerial, analytical, and reasoning skills in a way that makes learning feel less like work and more like something that just comes naturally through engaging, interactive learning experiences. The more you become used to the curriculum, the more you’ll start to like it and realize how beautiful the course is.

Your Gateway to Business Excellence – Explore, Learn, Succeed!

Scope of BBA

You are able to launch your own business once you have earned your BBA. If you currently own a firm, you can concentrate on the expansion and improvement of your current enterprise. If you have any such ambitions for the future, you might also pursue the diversification of your firm. If you’re not an entrepreneur, you could work in the company as a manager. Your ability to succeed in your work and progress professionally can be aided by the knowledge you have acquired during this course. Recall that there are numerous businesses within which BBA might be applied. Some of the most well-liked and intriguing fields in which a BBA graduate can find employment after earning their degrees are listed below:

The industries that comprise this list are retail and corporate; banking and financial institutions; government agencies and organisations; media; information technology; hospitality; and entrepreneurship.


Thus, you can enrol in BBA without worrying about facing challenges. Join BBA and relish your education. Seize the opportunity to learn, explore, soar, and realise your dreams.


1. What are the basic entry requirements for the BBA program at Regenesys Business School?

To enrol in the BBA programme at Regenesys, applicants must have either a Matric with a Bachelor pass or an equivalent qualification at NQF level 4.

2. Can I apply for the BBA programme with a different qualification?

Yes, applicants with a relevant NQF Level 5 qualification from an accredited institution, as per SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) requirements, are also eligible to apply.

3. What are the steps to apply for alternative access to the BBA programme?

Contact the Regenesys Admissions Department directly for guidance on the process and requirements for alternative access to the BBA programme.

4. What is the mode of delivery for the BBA programme at Regenesys?

This offered via a hybrid model. This means that the programme combines both online and face-to-face learning methods.

5. How does the hybrid model of learning benefit BBA students at Regenesys?

The hybrid model offers flexibility and convenience, allowing students to balance their studies with other commitments. It also provides the benefits of both in-person interactions and online resources.

6. Is this programme suitable for working professionals?

Yes, the hybrid model of the BBA program at Regenesys is particularly suitable for working professionals, as it allows them to manage their work and study simultaneously.

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PhD Senior Facilitator | Regenesys Business School Dr Biswas is an academician with 19 years of experience in industry and teaching. She has contributed blogs, articles, and research papers to various state-level, national and international journals. Her major interests are entrepreneurship, human resource management, organisational behaviour, and organisational development.


PhD Senior Facilitator | Regenesys Business School Dr Biswas is an academician with 19 years of experience in industry and teaching. She has contributed blogs, articles, and research papers to various state-level, national and international journals. Her major interests are entrepreneurship, human resource management, organisational behaviour, and organisational development.

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