Investec Bursary 2024: Application Guide and Deadline

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If you feel like pursuing higher education is challenging, it doesn’t have to be anymore. With multiple bursary programmes available in South Africa, it has become easier for you to follow your academic goals and fulfil your dreams. One such opportunity is the Investec bursary. This bursary is facilitated to empower talented individuals who need financial help for their academic journey.

Do you want to know more about Investec bursaries? Our article will guide you through all the information you must know about this bursary. We will walk you through the key allowance, eligibility requirements, online application process, and closing date of Investec bursaries. So, don’t stop now—there’s more to come!

What is Investec Bursary?

Investec bursary is a financial aid programme that invests heavily in developing well-rounded individuals to make them not just academically qualified but also prepared for the workforce. In other words, this bursary aims to make individuals socially aware and actively contribute to the economy so that they can live as part of society rather than relying on it.

Therefore, learners with academic potential and financial need can apply for this bursary, which fully covers all study-based expenses.

This bursary is offered by Investec, a distinctive bank and wealth manager that provides financial products and services to businesses and corporations. Investec is inviting students to apply for its Investec CSI bursary programme that offers funding for students undertaking studies in the following fields:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Business Science
  • Commerce ( Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Economics, and Investments)
  • Commercial LLB
  • Engineering
  • B Com Informatics
  • Bachelor of Information Science
  • B Sc / Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine Degrees (MBCHB)
  • Science
  • B Sc Computer Science 

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What are the Key Allowances Provided by Investec Bursary?

Investec Bursaries cover all the study-related expenses to ensure the learners do not encounter any financial burden during their studies. Following are the key Investec bursary allowances for learners:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Books and learning materials
  • Living expenses

Typically, this bursary offers a partial bursary of R50,000 per year for study-related expenses. However, the bursary amount is subject to change every year. Besides, if the learners need extra funding to cover any shortfall, they can access it through Study Trust in the form of a part bursary or low-interest loan.

Essential Investec Bursary Requirements for Application Process

To qualify for the Investec bursaries for your education, you must meet the minimum entry criteria when you apply. Given below are the essential eligibility requirements and documents required for this bursary application process:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must have finished Matric or be in Matric
  • Must be studying or intend to study full-time towards an undergraduate degree from an accredited public university in South Africa
  • Have a minimum result of 70% for Mathematics, 70% for English FAL( or 65% for English HL) and 50% for all other subjects in Matric.
  • If you are currently studying at university, you must have a minimum average of 60% for your first-semester examination.

Necessary Documents:

  • Certified copy of ID document
  • This year’s mid-year (first semester) academic records or a progress report (or latest results if not studying this year)
  •  Matric certificate
  • Motivation letter
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Proof of household income (payslips, affidavit if unemployed, recent bank statements or SASSA letter stating the grants received)
  • Death certificate if your parent(s) are deceased.
  • Divorce certificate/ sworn statement from one parent if your parents are divorced or separated.

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Key Steps Involved in Investec Bursary Online Application

For the Investec bursary 2024, you can submit your application online through the Study Trust platform. However, before applying for the Investec bursaries, you must ensure that you read all the instructions provided on the Study Trust Instruction page. After reading the instructions, you can follow the steps given below:

  • You can either visit the Investec’s official website 
  • Click the ‘Apply Herebutton
  • After clicking the ‘Apply Here’, you will be taken to the ‘Online Application Form’ page.
  • You can enter your email address and provide essential information such as your name, contact number, citizenship, and date of birth to continue your application.
  • Once you provide these details, you will be taken to the Application Form
  • In the  Application Form, you can provide all the details and necessary documents like academic transcripts, proof of household income, and letters of recommendation.
  • Submit the application before the deadline.
  • Investec will review your application and notify you of your application result.

When is the Application Closing Date for the Investec Bursary?

The closing date for the Investec bursary application for the 2025 academic year is on the 30th of September. Therefore, you must ensure that you complete the applications before the deadline. Besides, your application will only be accepted if you submit it complete or on time.

Moreover, your candidacy will be cancelled if you change your degree programme after submitting the application. Hence, always check the official website of Investec regularly for 2025 application dates. In case you want to know more about the Investec bursary closing date, you can contact Study Trust or Investec directly.

Investec Bursary Application Process


Investec Bursary is a fantastic opportunity for you to pursue your academic aspirations without financial constraints. So, if you plan to apply for this programme, you should not miss your chance this year. This bursary not only just covers your study-based expenses but also supports you in contributing to society meaningfully by making you suitable for the workforce. Besides, it ensures you can focus on your studies by covering your tuition fees, accommodation, study materials, and living expenses. In this article, we have provided all the necessary information, including eligibility requirements, documents, application steps and closing date for a successful application process.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Investec Bursary 2024

Q1)Why apply for an Investec bursary?

Investec bursary helps talented individuals to achieve their academic and career goals. It offers financial assistance and helps the learners become work-ready for the job market.

Q2) What does the Investec bursary cover?

The Investec Bursary covers all study-related expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation costs and expenses for books and learning materials. While the exact amount may vary, the bursary supports students throughout their academic journey.

Q3) Are the Investec bursaries renewable each year?

Yes, the Investec bursaries are renewable each year. However, students must maintain satisfactory academic performance and demonstrate continued financial need.

Q4) Can I apply for the Investec Bursary if I’m already studying at a university?

Yes, you can apply for the bursary from Investec if you are already studying at a university. However, you must meet the eligibility criteria and demonstrate satisfactory academic performance in your current programme.

Q5) How long does it take to complete the Investec Bursary application process?

The time required to complete the application process for Investec bursaries can vary depending on individual circumstances. Generally, it involves filling out an online form, gathering required documents, and submitting the application before the deadline.

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