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A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a highly sought-after business qualification that usually takes two years to complete. This postgraduate degree advances your management, business, and entrepreneurship skills to the next level, preparing you for a broad range of senior business administration jobs. 

These usually revolve around overseeing and supervising the business operations of an organisation, ensuring that every aspect runs effectively, efficiently and profitably. 


  • The nature of an MBA degree
  • Earning according to your expertise
  • How long is an MBA degree and is it worth the effort?
  • Gear up for maximum reward

The nature of an MBA degree

An MBA is a postgraduate qualification – an advanced programme within the field of business. It takes a little less time to complete than an undergraduate bachelor’s degree of three years, but is pitched at a higher level – 9 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) – and awarded in recognition of mastery of a the field of study. 

To be accepted onto an MBA programme you typically need to have at least completed a three-year bachelor’s degree (NQF level 7), but more usually also to have completed honours or a postgraduate programme at NQF level 8.  

Normally, a postgraduate qualification is pursued after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, but under special circumstances, such as having vast experience in a particular field, you may be able to apply to jump directly from a bachelor’s degree to a masters. Work experience is essential for admission to most quality MBA degrees

Earn according to your expertise

An MBA degree is great for acquiring advanced knowledge and honing specific skills. Being able to specialise in a particular discipline permits you to venture into certain industries or fields and earn well given your level of expertise. 

Whereas an undergraduate degree provides broad knowledge of various subjects, equipping you with basic skills for employability in a wide range of fields and setting you up to explore a wider field of academic interest, a postgraduate degree provides more complex knowledge. Some MBA programmes allow you to specialise in specific areas of business, such as finance or technology, for instance. This, in turn, can give you the edge to land a job as a chief financial officer or head of IT and infrastructure. 

How long is an MBA degree and is it worth the effort?

Masters degrees can be coursework- or research-based, and usually require you to produce a thesis, which involves a great deal of research. 

So how long does it take to study for an MBA degree? Well, it depends on whether you choose to do full-time or part-time study. Full time you can complete one in 11 months, but it is more usual to complete an MBA in two years.

With the additional two years spent studying for an MBA on top of three years for a bachelor’s degree and another year for honours, you may be wondering whether that’s really worth it. The answer is that it is. This kind of qualification can give a good boost to your career and help you obtain high-value jobs.  

Gear up for maximum reward

To get into an MBA programme, you need an NQF Level 8 qualification, and to submit your CV, along with a motivation letter. Usually you also need to complete an admission test to ensure you will be able to cope with the academic work, and then interview with an academic at your chosen institution. The Regenesys MBA can help you master the art of business, gearing you to shape strategy holistically for maximum reward. In your two years of study, your management, business, and entrepreneurship skills will be put to the challenge and honed, preparing you to become a pioneer in the business world.

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