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We are well beyond the halfway mark of the year, winter is almost over and we are facing the final year-end craziness. Let us be honest – tiredness is becoming a part of our existence, people have less patience, and sometimes we feel depleted. Maybe because we lapsed in our exercise routine, maybe because we needed comfort food more often, maybe because we have not been with friends and family as often as we wish – or maybe we are just tired!

How do we keep on going every day – how do we stay focussed and motivated for the final stretch of the year?

Let us have a brief review of what we can do to keep motivated. Remember: “Your outcomes in life are often the lagging measure of your habits,” according to James Clear. If we use this quote as the framework, it means that if we change our habits, our outcomes will change.

Get off the mouse wheel

We are often confronted with challenges that – at first sight – might feel overwhelming. What can make this worse, is our ‘cannot do’ attitude towards it. This could simulate the feeling of a mouse running round and round on a wheel. Prevent yourself from spinning in your own limited thinking and rather focus on (1) how can I confront the challenge; and (2) what lesson I should learn from the challenge.

Don’t lose sight of who you are

Why does this always happen to me? Right, is that not always our first taught? Remember, in a previous article we presented, we acknowledged that our brains are wired to see the negative first BUT it is up to you to change that primal response to a positive one. Keep standing in your power, grounded in your abilities, and focus on what you know you do well. 

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself: sleep, eat well, exercise, and keep calm. This ensures that you have the strength to carry yourself through negative and challenging situations.

Manage your responses

Change needs disruption. If everything always stays the same you will not be challenged to learn more about your abilities and capabilities. Challenges are therefore a blessing as it provides you with the opportunity to grow.

Accept, let go and heal

Accept the challenge or the situation. Let go of the negativity or “can’t do” attitude and focus on the opportunities you will get from it. Allow yourself to heal from the hurt and keep moving forward.

Talk to someone

We have previously discussed the different options of health care professionals who could assist with a situation you feel stuck in. it is not weak to speak. If you find yourself in a situation which you are struggling to let go of or heal from, find someone who can help you through it. It does not need to be a health care professional, it can be a trusted friend, family member or community member. No man is an island.

Turn to your power

Take ownership of your strength. Acknowledge that it is there and that you can rely on it. If you need reminders of that – talk to someone who can remind you of it. Think of the situations that made you feel powerful and take hold of that feeling. Step into those shoes and prance!

Learn from others

Listen to motivational talks, watch videos, and join podcasts and webinars. You are not the first one to go through what you are going through, it is just your first time. Ask advice from others, ask them how they gained the strength to walk through their difficulties and adjust their suggestions to your path. 

Set boundaries

Often, situations become overwhelming because of our inability to say ‘no’. Setting boundaries are living in honesty with yourself. You also deserve peace and time to live your true purpose and be yourself. It is not your responsibility to keep the world going – there are other people in it as well.

Understand the lesson you need to learn

Actively assess the reason you need to go through what you are going through. Understand the reason why this challenge was placed on your path – what you should be learning from it. Remember the reason you are going through challenges – growth and becoming your premium self. Open yourself up to the possibilities that are presented through this challenge.

The challenge or situation you are confronted with is not forever. It will pass and it will allow growth if you allow it to do that. Changing your perception of how you face challenges will make the process of going through them very valuable. Write the story you want to live each day, find joy in each step you take and evaluate the reasons why you need to take them.

Stay active in your life – not just the lives of others – you are the only person worth living the path that was set for you and who has the talent to do it well.

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