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Are you looking to kickstart your career in the energy sector, or are you planning to enter the engineering stream? If so, we have the perfect bursary programme for you—the Eskom Bursary 2024. It nurtures future talents like you in fields beneficial for the power generation industry. Besides, it aims to improve the South African labour market and build empowered communities to meet future skills requirements.

Hence, if you are interested in a career in the energy sector and plan to apply for the Eskom programme, you are on the right path. However, are you confused about where to start? Well, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know to apply for the bursary from Eskom.

Our article will guide you through the application process, monthly allowance, eligibility requirements, documents needed and closing dates. So, let’s begin.

Table of Contents

  • What is Eskom Bursary?
  • What Monthly Allowance Do The Learners Get From Eskom Bursary 2024?
  • Key Eskom Bursary Requirements for Application Procedures
  • How to Apply for Eskom Bursary 2024 Online?
  • When is the Closing Date of Eskom Bursary 2024?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eskom Bursary?

Eskom, a public utility company and currently one of the leading electricity providers in South Africa, is providing bursaries to South African students pursuing diploma qualifications in engineering. The applicants must undertake engineering disciplines at recognised and accredited technology universities within the country.

The key objective of this bursary is to encourage students to pursue engineering careers and discover their full potential. Besides, engineering is a growing industry that requires more skilled professionals. Hence, Eskom regards giving bursaries as a major contribution to expanding the national skills pool and building a competent workforce.

Moreover, for this year, Eskom invites students who are interested in pursuing the following fields of study:

For University studies:

  • Chemical Engineering (B Eng / BSc)
  • Civil Engineering (B Eng / BSc)
  • Electrical Engineering (B Eng / BSc)
  • Mechanical Engineering (B Eng / BSc)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (B Eng / BSc)

For the University of Technology studies:

  • Chemical Engineering (Diploma)
  • Electrical Engineering (Diploma)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Diploma)

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What Monthly Allowance Do The Learners Get From Eskom Bursary 2024?

Eskom offers a monthly allowance for the learners to cover the expenses associated with their education. Providing this funding helps the students to focus on their studies without any financial burden. Hence, here are some of the Eskom Bursary monthly allowances candidates will get once they get selected for this bursary programme:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Prescribed books/materials
  • A monthly stipend for personal expenses

However, the exact amount you receive from this bursary programme can vary depending on course fees and other expenses. Therefore, you must provide the course quotation to the selection committee along with other supporting documents so that they can estimate the funding for your education.

Key Eskom Bursary Requirements for Application Procedures

When you apply for a bursary from Eskom, you must fulfil the specific eligibility criteria to be considered for the bursary programme. However, if you fail to meet any of the requirements, it can result in immediate disqualification or cancellation of your application.

Hence, you must always make sure to check beforehand while applying for the Eskom bursary 2024. Here, we have categorised the eligibility criteria for students pursuing studies for University studies and University of Technology studies. We have also curated the list of documents you must submit for the application process. Let’s see:

Eligibility Requirements:

Given below are the eligibility criteria you must meet while applying for the bursary from Eskom:

For University Studies:

Students pursuing B Eng / BSc in engineering must look into the following criteria:

  • Must be a South African Citizen
  • Currently in or completed Matric
  • Obtained a minimum of Level 4 for English, Level 5 for Pure Mathematics and Level 5 for Physical Science in Grade 11 finals
  • Have conditional acceptance to study at a recognised and accredited University in South Africa
  • Not receiving any other bursary funding and not registered at any tertiary schools.
  • Candidates from under-represented designated groups are preferred.

For the University of Technology studies:

Students pursuing a diploma in engineering must look into the following criteria for the Eskom scholarship programme:

  • A South African Citizen
  • Currently in or completed Matric
  • Obtained a minimum of Level 4 for English, Level 4 for Pure Mathematics and Level 4 for Physical Science in Grade 11 finals
  • Acquired conditional acceptance to study at an accredited University of Technology in South Africa
  • Not received any other bursary funding and not registered at any tertiary schools
  • Preference is given to candidates from under-represented designated groups.

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Documents Required

In order to verify your eligibility and candidacy, you must submit the following documents to the selection committee along with your application form:

  • Certified copy of ID documents
  • Certified copy of your Grade 11 final results
  • Copy of Matric’s latest results
  • Registration proof from your desired University with the University’s letterhead

How to Apply for Eskom Bursary 2024 Online?

The Eskom application process for bursary is a seamless procedure where you can submit your application without any difficulties. Hence, if you are planning to apply for the Bursary online, you must follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the official website of Eskom Bursary Application website
  • Register an account, giving your name and email address
  • After registering, login to your account
  • Once you log in, you will get access to the online application form.
  • In the online application form, fill in your personal details, contact information, and academic qualifications.
  • After filling in the form, upload supporting documents such as an ID document, Grade 11 final results, latest matric results, and proof of conditional acceptance from your university.
  • Review your application for any corrections and submit it before the deadline.

With this Eskom bursary online application process, you can easily get funding for your education. However, always make sure that you fill in accurate details and upload the proper certificates for the application. The selection committee will reject your application if there is missing information or inaccurate details. Besides, after submitting your application, you must check your mail for application status and other updates.

When is the Closing Date of Eskom Bursary 2024?

The application window for Eskom’s bursary programme always closes around the end of January. This year, the bursary application closed on 31 January 2024. That means you can apply for the academic year 2025. So, if you are applying for next year, make sure to check the official Eskom website and social media channels for confirmed closing dates and the latest updates.

If you have applied for the bursary this year, you will be informed quickly within 28 days of the closing date of your selection. However, if you do not receive any feedback from the provider, you can consider your application unsuccessful. Moreover, for any doubts regarding the Eskom bursary closing date, you can contact Eskom directly at:

  • Tel: 086 003 7566
  • Email:

Eskom Bursary


If you are a South African aspiring to enter the energy and engineering sectors, the Eskom Bursary 2024 is the right opportunity for you. With this bursary programme, you will get comprehensive financial support to fulfil your academic dreams. It will offer you tuition fees, accommodation, meals, and a monthly stipend, enabling you to focus on your studies without any tension of financial burden. Yet, to get this bursary programme, you must make sure to meet the eligibility criteria and follow the application process as discussed in the article. Moreover, ensure that you submit all required documents accurately before the closing date.

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Eskom Bursary Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is Eskom Bursary 2024?

The bursary programme offered by Eskom is a financial aid programme for students pursuing engineering and related fields. It aims to improve skills development and build a competitive workforce for the energy sector.

Q2) What does the Eskom bursary cover?

The bursary programme covers tuition fees, accommodation, meals, and books and provides a monthly stipend for personal expenses.

Q3) How will I know if my application has been successful?

If you are selected for the bursary programme, you will be informed within 28 days of the closing date. If you do not hear back from the provider, consider your application is rejected.

Q4) Can I apply for the Bursary from Eskom if I have already received other funding?

No, you can not apply for the Eskom scholarship programme if you have already received other funding. That means if you are already receiving other bursary funding or are registered at any tertiary schools, you are not eligible for the Bursary.

Q5) What fields of study are covered by the Bursary from Eskom?

The fields of study covered by the bursary are engineering disciplines, including Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Heavy and Light Current), Mechanical Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering.

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