Data Science Gold Rush Accelerates

‘Data is the new gold’ means that firms are racing to extract value from all their data. As the world digitises, everything we do generates data. 5 billion people tapping, scrolling, clicking and interacting are generating mountains of data which is often unstructured and disconnected. Individual data points don’t mean anything on their own, but data science brings together stats, maths, science and other disciplines to find patterns and create value from all this data.

In the field of Data science we analyse large amounts of data and then extract useful and actionable insights which we can apply to solve a wide range of problems. Data science is also related to machine learning, artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies which are rapidly changing the way we all live and work. Your groceries arrive in less than 60 minutes because of data science, DHL can deliver 21 million packages a day because they use data science to analyse 5 petabytes of data every week.

Join the gold rush today and learn how to find the patterns and insights from our digital, data driven world.

All industries and careers are being disrupted in a data-driven, hyper-connected world. It’s important for everyone to know the basics; the fundamentals & process of data science, business intelligence, data driven decision making, maths and basic statistics. More advanced data science skills requires that you learn supervised and unsupervised learning, clustering, metrics and evaluation as well as data science libraries and model building tools. Python is the most popular programming language and is very common in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science applications.

Our new data science course teaches you all the knowledge, skills and experience you need. Students will explore a range of data science tools, algorithms, machine learning and statistical techniques, with the aim of discovering hidden insights and patterns from raw data in order to inform scientific business decision making.

There’s a 135-page workbook on Data Science, which you can follow along and keep for reference, plus you can introduce yourself to our community of students in this course and tell us your goals with data science. We’ll encouragement and celebrate your progress every step of the way as you work through this comprehensive data science course of over 14 hours of clear and concise step by step instructions, lessons, and engagement.

Join the gold rush today and learn how to find the patterns and insights from our digital, data driven world.

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Peter helps lead digital transformation at FirstRand, the biggest financial services group in Africa. In 2020 he completed his PhD at Wits University and developed a ground-breaking theory of Agile teams.

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