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Black Friday is an annual shopping event that originated in the United States and traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Historically, it falls on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It’s renowned for offering exceptional discounts and deals across various retail stores, making it an immensely popular day for shoppers seeking bargain purchases and early holiday shopping. At Regenesys, Black Friday isn’t just about shopping; it’s an opportunity for aspiring learners to access quality education and career-enhancing programmes at exclusive discounted rates. 

Table of Contents 

  • What is Black Friday? 
  • Regenesys Black Friday Offers:
  • Extended Duration for Exploration
  • Regenesys Business Programmes 
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQS 

What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday began as a big shopping day after Thanksgiving, but now it’s not just about stores offering discounts. It’s grown to include different industries, like tech and travel, and even education. During this time, many schools and online learning places, including Regenesys, give special deals on their programme and programmes. At Regenesys, Black Friday isn’t just about shopping—it’s a chance for people to get good education and career-focused programmes at lower prices. It’s not just a one-day thing; it lasts all November, giving lots of time for people to check out and join different programmes at great discounts.

Regenesys Black Friday Offers:

Regenesys is gearing up for Black Friday with a lineup of exclusive promotions designed to make education more accessible. The standout offer in this season of savings is a remarkable 30% discount applicable to all programmes. This means that individuals looking to enhance their skills, boost their careers, or embark on a new educational journey can enjoy significant cost savings.

Extended Duration for Exploration:

What sets Regenesys apart is not just the offer itself but the extended duration to benefit from it. The Black Friday promotion covers the entire month of November. This generous time frame ensures that potential learners have ample time to explore the diverse range of programmes offered by Regenesys and make informed decisions about our educational pursuits.

Whether you’re interested in advancing your business acumen with an MBA, delving into the complexities of public management, or gaining foundational knowledge in business administration, Regenesys has a programme for you. And with the 30% Black Friday discount, investing in your education becomes even more enticing.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to seize the benefits of Regenesys’ exclusive Black Friday offers. Explore the possibilities, choose your path, and embark on a journey of educational growth and professional development. With Regenesys, Black Friday isn’t just a shopping event; it’s a gateway to unlocking your full potential through quality education.

Regenesys Business Programmes 

Here’s a breakdown of the programmes offered by Regenesys Business School:


Master of Business Administration (MBA):

This programme provides advanced insights into various business domains, focusing on strategic decision-making, leadership, and organisational management.

MBA programmes cover a wide spectrum of subjects like finance, marketing, operations, and human resources. Opens doors to managerial positions in diverse industries.

Doctor of Business Management (DBM):

An intensive doctoral programme focusing on innovative business strategies and research methodologies. This programme emphasises the development of research skills and expertise in implementing innovative business practices.

Career opportunities after DBM enable individuals to pursue academic or senior leadership roles in corporations.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

This programme provides comprehensive knowledge in core business areas, nurturing a holistic understanding of business operations. PDBM  covers modules on business ethics, entrepreneurship, and organisational behaviour.

Career Opportunities after PDBM preps individuals for mid-level managerial roles.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

This is a foundational course covering fundamental business principles and strategies.

BBA focuses on core business functions like accounting, economics, and business law.

Career Opportunities after BBA are entry-level positions in various business sectors.

BBA in Retail Management

BBA-R is a specialised programme focusing on retail-specific strategies and operations.

Emphasis on retail marketing, supply chain management, and customer relations. 

Higher Certificate in Business Management

An entry-level certification covering essential business concepts. This programme provides insights into business communication, finance, and management principles.

These programmes at Regenesys offer a diverse spectrum of educational opportunities catering to individuals seeking a strong foundation in business or aspiring to specialise in specific business areas like retail management.

Black Friday Offers - Regenesys Business School


The exclusive 30% discount on all programmes is more than a mere offering; it is a gateway to a world of knowledge, growth, and career opportunities. At Regenesys, we believe that education should be both enriching and accessible, and this Black Friday initiative is a testament to that belief.

As you explore the diverse programmes available, envision the path that aligns with your ambitions. Whether it’s the strategic insights of an MBA, the research-driven journey of a DBM, or the comprehensive understanding offered by our diplomas and certificates, there’s a programme tailored to illuminate your career trajectory.


Absolutely, here are some FAQs for Black Friday promotions at Regenesys:

1. What is Regenesys offering for Black Friday?

Regenesys is offering a 30% discount on all its programmes throughout the entire month of November.

2. Are all programmes included in the Black Friday discount?

 Yes, the 30% discount applies to all programmes offered by Regenesys, covering various disciplines and levels.

3. Can international students avail of the Black Friday discounts?

   Yes, the Black Friday discounts are available to both local and international students interested in Regenesys programmes.

4. How long will the Black Friday offer be valid?

The Black Friday offer at Regenesys runs for the entire month of November, providing ample time for individuals to benefit from the discounts.

5. Is financial aid available in addition to the Black Friday discount?

 Regenesys offers various financial aid options. However, specifics regarding financial aid in conjunction with Black Friday promotions should be confirmed with the admissions team.

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