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Regenesys Business School has developed into a truly global, modern, and dynamic academic hub renowned for our collaborative and interconnected culture – a blend of academic diligence, collaboration, holistic growth, international diversity, and excellence.

Regenesys Business School logoWe believe that education is not a privilege, but a right — a right that should be available to all students, not only in South Africa, but the world over. We seek to eradicate the borders between students and their potential.

To this end, we established a competitive global footprint by launching campuses in Mumbai, India, and in Lagos, Nigeria. We have also developed a one-of-a-kind exchange and internship programme between academics and students across all three campuses. The exchange of ideas, knowledge, expertise and cultures has not only benefitted our students by providing them with a Glocal focus during their studies, but our school’s infrastructure as a whole has been fundamentally enriched through the establishment of this network.

From having operations based primarily in Sandton, South Africa, we now employ staff in South Africa, Nigeria, and India to help us reach out to and assist students across the world. In fact, our student support systems and structures are now accessible to so many more on an almost 24-hour basis — something of which we are immensely proud.

The world we live in now is defined by interconnectedness; a genuinely global village. Regenesys Business School is proud to have a family of staff and students that represents that diversity. When you reach out to us, each member of our staff, regardless of their location or nationality, knows how important your academic journey is to you, and will be there in whichever way you need.

The exclusive academic and personal experience at Regenesys offers our current students and alumni from over 190 countries not only with a world-class education, but also incredibly sought-after skills and networking opportunities that prove invaluable not only throughout their careers, but also across their lifetimes.

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