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Latest Posts

6 Organisational Maintenance Opportunities

6 Organisational Maintenance Opportunities

Leaders must look after their organisations. They must provide focus and direction, must coach and mentor, must take on competitors ...

MyWealth Investments

MyWealth Investments Weekly Report Back for the Week Ending October 22

During the past week the markets were very volatile in both an upwards and downwards trajectory, but these were our ...

Basics of Nutrition

The Basics of Nutrition

In previous articles, we have motivated and discussed exercise as a primary contributor to wellness. By now, you will have ...

Mental Toughness

13 Thoughts on Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a state of mind embodied in a refusal to be intimidated, a determination to succeed despite a ...


Tips to Fight Phishing Attacks

"Me? Fall for a phishing scam? Never!” You may believe you’re somewhat cybersmart – enough not to fall for a ...

online short courses

Advantages of self-paced online short courses

The online learning market is growing from strength to strength, projected to be valued at $350 billion by 2025. With ...

Financial Freedom

How To Obtain Financial Freedom

What is financial freedom? According to, ‘financial freedom’ means having enough savings, financial investments, and cash on hand to ...

7 Actions for Setting Your Fitness Goals

7 Actions for Setting Your Fitness Goals

We have made the case on the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle by confirming the positive effects an exercise ...

Build Trust

10 Ways to Build Trust Within Your Team

Leaders in organisations have an almost impossible task. They must deliver on the goals of the organisation. They must lead, ...

Investing In Shares

The Cost of Investing in Shares

You already know how important it is to start investing. What you don’t know, is what the cost of your ...


The Effects of Exercise on the Body

The argument for exercising and staying fit throughout life has been made for centuries. The choice to stay fit has ...


4 Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Have you thought about what sort of leader you are and what kind of leader you want to be? Being ...

ransomware attacks

When Your Data Gets Held to Ransom: What you Need to Know About Ransomware Attacks

Our lives are intricately connected to technology with so much of our data living on devices and internet platforms, vulnerable ...

Medical Aid Cover

Does your Medical Aid Cover Enough?

Life is unpredictable, so despite thinking you have planned for every medical eventuality and are financially covered, you can still ...

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