How long is an MBA degree?

How long is an MBA degree?

Fortunately, excellent MBA programmes are scattered throughout the world’s business hubs.

Many MBA programmes take about two years to complete, but there are many other options for people seeking alternative timelines.

Pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can have a major impact on an individual’s career trajectory. At the same time, earning an advanced degree requires a significant time and effort commitment.


  • What is an MBA?
  • How long does it take to get an MBA degree?
  • Is It worth doing an MBA degree while working?
  • How long does it take to get an MBA degree online?

What is an MBA?

An MBA – a Master of Business Administration degree – is a postgraduate degree designed to prepare and qualify business students in finance, human resources, marketing, strategy, and operations management.

This business administration course enhances prospective students’ career prospects and fast-tracks their career development process by expanding their business, managerial, networking and leadership skills.

An MBA degree is a top postgraduate qualification that many business professionals aspire to achieve. The prime objective of an MBA degree is to provide holistic training for individuals required to manage a business, run a company in every way, or start a business.

How long does it take to get an MBA degree?

The Master of Business Administration degree is among the most prestigious master’s degrees in business.

The time taken to earn an MBA degree varies with the business school considered and the programme formats offered. Some MBA programmes can be completed in a year, while others, particularly for part-time students, may take several years.

Regardless of the type of MBA degree programmes students enrol in, they receive the same graduate degree.

Many MBA programmes take about two years (24 months) of full-time study. However, there are both shorter and longer options available. An individual may be interested in full-time one-year programmes (12 months), while others having to balance full-time work and business school may take up to three years in a part-time programme.

Here are some common types of MBA programmes and their duration:

Programme typeDurationTypical schedule
Full-time MBA2 yearsFull-time
Part-time MBA3-5 yearsNight and weekend classes
Accelerated MBA1 yearFull-time
Executive MBA2 yearsNight and weekend classes
Global MBA2 yearsFull-time
Dual MBA2+ yearsFull-time


Is it worth doing an MBA degree while working?

Yes. It is worth doing an MBA while working. An MBA is a good career-boosting option for those professionals who wish to expand their business knowledge and leadership skills to accelerate their career in management.

Candidates who prefer to earn an MBA degree without quitting their job and who prefer to work full-time while getting their MBA degree can enrol for part-time MBAs, online MBAs and executive MBAs.

How long does it take to get an MBA degree online?

Online MBA programmes are gaining in popularity, thanks in part to the flexibility these programs can offer.

Students who have enrolled in online MBA programmes can participate from anywhere with an internet connection, and often for lower fees than a contact programme.

Online programmes require the same time commitments as their in-person counterparts because the same content is covered. For example, a full-time online MBA programme may take two years to complete, whereas a part-time online MBA programme may take between three and five years.


I hope this blog helped you understand the different duration options of an MBA programme.

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