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I finally took taste to online learning in 2019. Today I am writing with gratitude and satisfaction, that I can share with colleagues what was the most pleasing experience in studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management with Regenesys. My experience is one of the best in the world as I witnessed Regenesys removing barriers to access flexible learning. As an entrepreneur, travelling is inevitable to grow the business, the nature of my work made it difficult to schedule classes. Through Regenesys Business School I managed to realise my dream via online studying that enables studying wherever and at the time convenient to me. I remember writing my Financial Management subject in Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa) due to travelling.

Through Regenesys Business School the potential in me awakened. Learning online will always remain the possibility for entrepreneurs like me who want to increase their academic experience while pursuing entrepreneurship. Regenesys Business School provided me all necessary tools to work with to achieve my academic dream. Flexible programme and good moments of contact sessions. Being a hard worker and determined person I am, I also played my part in making sure my experience at Regenesys was a fruitful and yielded desired results.


Sarah Lindy Maluleke, known as Lindy, is a serial entrepreneur with three companies under her portfolio. She has a real estate agency, a company providing training and development courses to the mining industry, and one providing certification of services and products under ISO 17021.

Her career started in 2000 when she was employed as a candidate diesel mechanic by a local steel firm in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. Later, she joined the mining industry where she worked for diamond, platinum, and coal mines, etc. Her career evolved at different phases of her life and she became a learning and development practitioner.  She believes that education is a lifestyle, and one should never cease to accumulate new knowledge.


This PDBM develops generic management competencies required for successful management of organisations, or for embarking on an entrepreneurial venture. The programme is a stepping stone towards an MBA – the crown jewel of business management education.