Since 1998 Regenesys has been transforming lives by awakening the potential of students across Africa and India. What sets us apart is our holistic approach to education: developing our students intellectually, emotionally and spiritually – delivering learning programmes that inspire and transform not only the minds but the hearts and souls of our students. In this way we maximise the impact of the individual, the organisation and society.

To work at Regenesys is to work among 300 purpose-driven and exceptionally talented engineers, faculty, growth and sales, finance and operations teams in an energetic, cross functional, entrepreneurial and innovative environment.
Our growth to date has been phenomenal: we have over 200,000 alumni and our enrolments are growing exponentially: we expect to double our intake next year and quadruple in 2023. We are growing on all fronts, expanding our education programmes, our global presence and making a Regenesys qualification accessible to all via our #EdForAll campaign. In order to support our growth, we are investing in our technology and education platforms to provide the most immersive and scalable edtech solution in the world.

In support of this, we are looking for a Server Infrastructure Manager based at our head office in Sandton to join our IT team.

The Server Infrastructure Manager must have a good understanding of server technologies and the server team. This will included;

  • Server Hardware Maintenance
  • Backups on-site and offsite
  • Storage and backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Enabling Cloud Hosting – Virtualisation of [physical infrastructure


  • BSC / IT Degree
  • Microsoft Certified
  • 6+ relevant experience


The Infrastructure Manager must be aware of the strategic direction of the organization as well as new technologies on the horizon. The Infrastructure Manager must be able to use this knowledge to select the right technology that enables the organization to move forward, rather than waiting on the IT department.

Furthermore, the highly successful Server Infrastructure Manager must be able to lay out a strategy that the CTI officer and other executives will understand and support. This means going beyond understanding what the technology does at a systems engineer level. The Server Infrastructure Manager must understand how that technology relates to the goals of the department and larger organization.