Welcome to the Regenesys School of Science and Technology where we provide cutting-edge science and technology education which is more relevant than ever in the rapidly transforming, highly tech-centric world in which we live.

Combining information technology and fields of coding, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and more, the School of Science and Technology provides high-quality scientific and technological education to prepare you to become a disruptor in the dynamic world of rapid scientific innovation.  The World Economic Forum describes ‘Disruption Drivers’ as the type of leaders who value investing in disruptive innovations to set their organisations apart.

Our programmes will provide you with practical skills for groundbreaking innovations that will drive economic growth and improve lives.  Our faculty comprises highly skilled academics with advanced scientific and technological expertise.

After successful completion of a School of Science and Technology programme, you will be equipped with deep scientific knowledge and skills, along with great management and leadership capabilities to lead digital transformation. You will also gain a competitive advantage in the digital economy.