Awakening Potential

Welcome to the Regenesys School of Accounting Science, the academic home of accountancy and financial excellence in South Africa. Here, aspiring professional accountants and financially intelligent professionals are empowered to become the first among equals.

Offering high-quality higher education, we enhance your level of financial intelligence (FQ) and equip you with proficiency in the various streams of accounting science, along with key management and leadership skills, so that you can be a value officer in the economic eco-system.

FQ consists of the knowledge and skills gained from understanding finance and accounting principles in the business world. FQ is essential to any business or organisation where financial insight helps leaders to make informed decisions that sustain its financial wellbeing and capability to add value to society and the larger economy.

Upon successful completion of a School of Accounting Science programme, you will be well equipped to confidently take on accounting science jobs – be it at an accounting or auditing firm, in a financial institution such as a bank or insurance provider, in commerce and industry, or in many other work environments.

Accounting Science Programmes

Postgraduate Diploma In Business Management

Bachelor of Accounting Science

This programme develops professional knowledge, skills, and applied competencies in the fields of accounting, auditing, financial management, and taxation.

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This is an introductory course for managers with financial responsibilities.  The course explores key concepts, issues, and techniques necessary to manage finances…

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