Advanced technologies have been creeping into our lives. They have become an indispensable part of the way we live. They have made our lives easier, more efficient and safer. And nowhere is this more apparent than in healthcare. Medical and healthcare technologies have been advancing at a rapid rate and it has been accelerated by
Running is a simple, low-cost way to build your fitness and maintain your weight. And after a year of living with the Covid pandemic, we are all in need of some good solid exercise. Teboho Ndzuzo from our Dananda Talent team, coordinates the Regenesys Running Club, and shares the following benefits of running with us:
This week Prabhakar Rampersadh has contributed this hearty vegan cauliflower soup. He says it’s just the thing to chase the Covid blues away on a cold winter’s evening. Vegan roasted cauliflower soup with potatoes, lemon, and rosemary is simple to make, super satisfying, and so delicious. It’s a healthy form of self-care. Prabhakar says this
Over the last year, we have spent far too much time sitting in a chair. We have spent an inordinate time in digital meetings. Our daily exercise routines have been disrupted. We have spent more time indoors than we normally do. And as a result, we have become a little bit plumper and we have
The last year has been very tough on all of us. The Covid-19 epidemic blasted itself into our lives and we have had to find new ways of coping. It has disrupted lives and livelihoods and changed the usual rules of social interaction, perhaps forever. Working from home changed from a helpful perk to a
Protect your skin. You are your best investment. A healthy mind and a healthy body are your best guarantee that you will live an impactful and fulfilling life. A healthy life enables you to perform optimally both physically and mentally with a balanced lifestyle that protects you from diseases. It essential to strive for good