• Reports to: Regenesys Foundation Directors represented by Regenesys Business School CEO

    Regenesys Foundation:

    The Regenesys Foundation is a registered non-profit company with Section 18(A) status whose objective is to promote and increase access to quality business education and knowledge throughout the world.

    The Foundation was established in June 2013 on the premise that access to tertiary education remains a challenge for the majority of individuals in South Africa, Africa and across the globe. For most, a tertiary education remains a distant dream.

    The Foundation was formed based on the philosophy that access to quality education should be a fundamental human right, and that education provides a powerful tool to address the socio-economic problems faced globally today, including poverty, unemployment and crime. An increase in quality tertiary education will contribute towards job creation, economic development and ultimately, the development of a sustainable, compassionate, equitable and environmentally sustainable world.

    The Foundation is also a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). An independent board of highly reputable South African and international Trustees governs the Foundation which has its head office situated in Sandton, Johannesburg. It is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards and ensures the highest standards of Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting to its donors.

    Job Summary:

    The CEO, in consultation with Foundation Trustees, is responsible for the overall success of the Foundation. Together with the Board of Trustees, the Foundation’s CEO is responsible for developing implementing the Foundation’s strategy, fundraising and policy imperatives. The CEO must ensure the relevance of the Foundation for multiple stakeholders, including donors, government, students and civil society.

    The Foundation CEO assumes overall responsibility for fund raising activities, in order to ensure the Foundation’s sustainability, as a non-profit organization.

    The Foundation CEO is required to interface closely with all key stakeholders, including Trustees, Regulators, Alumni, funders and potential funders, inter alia.

    The role also requires promotion of the Foundation and its offerings, as well as policy and strategy formulation and implementation, and budgetary and financial oversight.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Fund raising

    The CEO is responsible for the fund raising function, of the Foundation, in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Foundation. Fund raising efforts must be aimed at both local and international donors. The CEO will be required to develop, implement and monitor a viable fund raising plan. The CEO must actively identify, cultivate and solicit donor prospects, both locally and internationally.

    The CEO must ensure the availability of materials and customized funding proposals, to support solicitation.

    1. Legal and Compliance

    The CEO must ensure the filing of all legal and regulatory reports and must monitor compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

    1. Mission, Vision, Strategy, Policy and Planning

    The CEO, together with Foundation Board of Trustees ensures that the Foundation is on course. The CEO is required to set short, medium and long term goals for the Foundation, and must monitor progress against each.

    The CEO must identify problems and opportunities and address these.

    The CEO is required to inform the Board about relevant trends and developments in the fund raising, non-profit and education space, to facilitate shifts in policy, should this be indicated.

    1. Management and Administration

    The CEO provides general oversight of all Foundation activities and operations and ensures a smoothly functioning, efficient and effective organization.

    The CEO must oversee program and project quality as well as organizational stability through development and implementation of standards and controls, systems and processes as well as regular evaluation.

    The CEO must ensure that quality staff is recruited retained and developed and will also assume responsibility for motivating and evaluating Foundation staff performance.

    The CEO is accountable for effective and stringent monitoring, evaluating and reporting processes and controls.

    1. Governance

    The CEO is required to assist the Board of Trustees to articulate its own role and accountabilities and that of portfolio committees and individual Board members.

    The CEO must assist the Foundation’s Chair to enable the Board to fulfill its governance function and facilitates the optimum performance of the Board, its portfolio committees and individual board members.

    The CEO, together with the Foundation’s chairman, shall assist to keep the Board focused on long range, strategic issues.

    The CEO is required to manage the Foundation Board’s due diligence processes to assure timely attention to core issues.

    The CEO must work with Board members to ensure the best thinking and decision-making and assist each Board member to give his/her best.

    The CEO will work closely with Trustees in terms of Trustee recruitment, to ensure appropriate Board diversity and skills required.

    1. Financial Oversight

    The CEO is required to manage the Foundation and its programs and projects in a cost-effective manner whilst also ensuring an acceptable level of quality and compliance.

    The CEO must oversee all fiscal imperatives of the Foundation, including budgeting, reporting, audits and work with the Board of Trustees to ensure financing to support short, medium and long term goals.

    1. Relationship Management

    The CEO is required to establish and maintain relationships with a broad range of local and international stakeholders, including Trustees, RBS leadership, donors, beneficiaries regulators, civil society, inter alia.

    Key Qualities:

    The CEO will be required to work to deadline and manage significant pressures and stress, to ensure that all Foundation imperatives are delivered.

    The CEO will be required to manage detailed and complex concepts and problems, balance multiple tasks and make rapid decisions.

    The CEO will be required to implement strategies and programs and must establish strong relationships with a broad range of stakeholders.

    The CEO is required to convey a professional and positive image and attitude regarding the Foundation and demonstrate a commitment to continued growth and development.

    Additional Requirements

    • A demonstrable track record in respect of sales/fund raising, both locally and internationally.
    • At least ten years experience in respect of leading an NGO
    • A tertiary university degree is required and a Masters Degree is preferred.
    • Show a track record of the highest moral and ethical standards
    • Show an authentic alignment to the Regenesys Foundation objects and philosophies
    • Show a sincere commitment to education

    Salary Commensurate with experience and qualifications

    Email CV to jobs@dananda.net