Regenesys Business School not only teaches about business, but we also undertake large scale business consulting assignments. Our lecturing team are constantly enhancing and sharpening their skills and insights in complex client consulting assignments. In this way we offer the best of the current state of the art to both our students and to our customers.

We start with uncovering a detailed understanding of your problem, and then we bring together a range of specialist skills and tools to address your specific problem with a unique made-to-measure solution. As a Business School we have access to truly remarkable talent.

Cutting-Edge Consulting Services

Regenesys offers a wide spectrum of consulting services, and clients are continually coming up with new challenges, which we work with them to address. We don’t have products-on-the-shelf, but here are some of our more frequent consulting offerings listed below.

Business model review – a full scale business model review from customer needs to marketing and logistics. It includes optimising the offering and, reducing inefficiencies and highlighting new opportunities

Design thinking interventions – this is a dynamic and highly popular offering, where the tools, mindsets and practices of design thinking are introduced to revolutionise the organisation

Due diligence studies – whether you are buying a business or contemplating a merger, we will find the fatal flaw. If there isn’t one, we will help you craft the best possible offering based on substantive fact

Manufacturing process optimisation – We will walk every inch of your manufacturing process, from the start of the supplier value chain to the point of consumption. We will find the inefficiencies and the constraints, and we will work with you to beneficially resolve them

New market entry strategy – We will help you align your product with the market requirements, mute the competitors, and make sure you get no surprises

Organisation renewal – is your mind in the future, but your organisation stuck in the pre-Covid world? We will create the renewal and change management processes to put your team ahead of the pack

Project design and implementation – whether you are building a new factory or changing your ERP, we can help you conceptualise the project, help you resource the right skills and support your execution.

Strategic plan development – Brownfields or greenfields, we will support you in creating the best possible strategic plan.

Strategic plan execution – This is the area where many organisations fall down. We help you put a clerk-of-works capability in place so activities and deliverables happen when they should, to the required standard.

Customised Client Solutions

Our clients also throw exciting challenges at us. Sometimes they are looking for specific, focused, teams-based interventions.  Here are some of our recent customised short interventions:

  • Self-awareness, self-regulation, and resilience
  • Business simulations
  • Managing the product lifestyle
  • Personal brand
  • Financial acumen and economic trends

This is not a full list of the assignments we undertake. If you have a problem, call us and together we will come up with a solution.

Regenesys – let us work together to regenerate your business.