Promoting global access to world-class higher education, from R500*

In 2021, Regenesys Business School launched EdForAll (Education for All), a groundbreaking online learning initiative whose aim is to give financially disadvantaged but deserving students across the world access to quality higher education for a nominal monthly commitment fee of as little as R500* per month, interest-free, for the duration of their study programme. After having completed their qualification, and subsequently gained employment, students then pay the remaining fees via a student loan.

EdForAll empowers students to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty of no education – no job – no money – no education. This revolutionary initiative will enable anyone anywhere in the world the opportunity to obtain accredited, internationally recognised master’s and bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and higher certificate qualifications – all without the added financial burden towards obtaining the qualification.

The game-changing education initiative has been made possible by combining education, technology, the internet, financial engineering, and philanthropy. It is based on the principle of ‘study now and pay later’.

The purpose of EdForAll is to:

  • Disrupt traditional higher education systems and provide access to affordable, quality online higher education to the world.
  • Provide every human being the opportunity to get educated and awaken their potential to be able to achieve their dreams.
  • Create a world in which higher education is a human right for all and not a privilege of the wealthy.
  • Utilise the Internet, technology, and education as great equalisers.
  • Wipe away the tears of all parents who cannot afford to pay for their children’s education.
  • Develop conscious leaders who are capable of solving the current challenges the world is facing – from unemployment and poverty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, to corruption and sustainable development.

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